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A cool theme about the Iteo’s team

Founded in 2011, we are currently a team of over 60 highly driven and motivated
computer geeks that are ready to join their creative forces and work for
the success of your digital product.

our work

Throughout the years, we’ve earned the trust of brands like Deloitte, Kia, Wrigley, ANX or MySmartPrice.

Millions of downloads, customers’ statements and users’ reviews leave no doubt that we are a trustworthy and reliable partner for creating mobile and enterprise applications.

Our customers, outputs of our work and one another is what really matters to us; the unquenchable thirst for impeccable code and beautiful, clean design is what keeps us going. We strongly believe that our expertise, passion and commitment will be the missing puzzle for creating your exceptional product that stands out at the Stores and makes real business value for all stakeholders.


We develop stunning digital products and ourselves along the way.


We want to advance our customers’ success by delivering stunning mobile and web applications from a team of passionate and talented people.

We want to be recognized as the best local employer in our industry and deliver the best work experience for our employees.



Great atmosphere

We create pleasant, knowledge-sharing and productive work environment. We hire only non-corpo talented, willing to learn individuals with sense of humour.

Products loved by users

We create usable, beautiful, bleeding edge mobile, wearable and web applications for large enterprises and fast growing companies worldwide

Best employer in region

We want to be the best place to work and develop skills on mobile and web applications in Silesia district.

Fair and transparent company.

We believe in trust, accountability and self-management over company politics.

Time-differences and distance management

We work with our customers within their timezones as one team sitting in the same location.

Quality first. Always

We hire top talents and have set processes of continuous learning, knowledge-sharing and Tech-Lead mentoring.

Celebrate together and have fun

We meet after working-hours. App releases ,company events., birthdays, graduations are great opportunity to have a cake.

Work with the best

We bring established companies’ and exciting start-ups’ ideas to life with Agile-driven, Lean and Customer-centric approac

in a nutshell



story behind

Jerzy Kufel


Iteo was founded by me in 2011, because I wanted to build products that would honestly influence people's lives.

After successfully co-founding Netology, a systems integration company, I have decided to move to a more creative part of IT world. As a serial entrepreneur with a proven record of over 15 years in IT and the New Tech Industry I know that I’ve done the right thing by following my dreams. During my career I was involved, one way or another, in a variety of over 500 projects and I’m proud to say that successful results were always delivered.


I believe that our main advantage as a design and development agency is our strong entrepreneurial focus. For us, at Iteo, the top priority is simply ‘doing the best job’ for our customers. We have experience and capabilities to serve one-man startups as well as blue chip companies, taking on projects of various complexity and scope. I’m very proud of what Iteo has become now. We are an awesome team of people, who are top professionals, but also great people you simply like and want to spend time with.


We want to evolve, grow and learn by supporting established businesses and exciting startups. By seeking to work with customers who value top-notch quality and reliability, we want to ensure a successful and secure future for our customers, employees, our company, and other stakeholder.

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