We work in agile, lean

or customer centric way

In Iteo, we create software accordingly to Agile methodology.

We combine business, creative and technology efforts into one sustainable process for the best performance and optimal results. Check how we turn brilliant ideas into successful applications

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BUSINESS NEEDS Everything starts with an idea. Vision gets translated into Stakeholders requirements and product strategy.
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HIGH LEVEL CONCEPT Project Owner, Lead Designer and Tech Leader work on translating business needs into user stories and clickable prototype.
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AGILE PROCESS Sustainable and transparent development where changing requirements and continous improvements are welcome.
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BUILT APPLICATION Designers, dev and QA team work together daily, putting continous attention and highest priority to the project.

Leverage your idea

Effectiveness & Efficiency

We address the need of initial planning with locking requirements, budget and deadline with making almost unlimited change requests in scope, product vision and development. We are business oriented geeks and we fully understand your perspective about delivering top-notch quality product in estimated time and spending plan in dynamic market conditions and customer expectations.

Expected outcomes

We gather all the forces to deliver your expected outcomes not just a bunch of features. We take structured and iterative approach to making software. It gives us the ability to respond to change without going off the rails. Experienced team incorporates sustainable development practices and will ensure successful project completion accordingly to roadmap and requirements.


Your dedicated cross-functional team will work in project-based room. We use Jira, Basecamp, Trello, numerous project management tools, mind-maps and pin boards. We will communicate daily with you within your timezone and we will have structured status update calls. We’ll have sprint planning, demo & retro days and internally daily stand-ups and reports

Clear progress

We work in sprints. We do constant iterations. The one or two-week sprint cycle starts with creating user stories. Then it’s all about creating software in a fluctuating process with adaptive planning and rapid response. We ship code daily and allow needed changes throughout the app development lifecycle. You’ll see progress daily in our reports and repo.