Aug 6, 2021, Innovations

Calling a cab – voice tech in a taxi business

Aneta Skoczewska Business Consultant

We live in the times where you can order a cab by simply pressing a few buttons in an app. But there are people who still prefer to call – and every taxi business needs to give them a choice. It doesn’t really mean hiring a team of dedicated employees to pick up hundreds of phones a day. It can be solely a matter of automating the service by using the best organized phone operator – a voicebot working keenly 24/7 and simultaneously answering as many phone calls as needed. 

How does it work?

Imagine that a client wants to reach you to order a taxi and is in a pretty big hurry. What does this person do when the line is busy or nobody answers? Well, your company’s not the only fish in the sea. Poor or slow customer service can cause you about 78% of business opportunities. And nobody wants to lose potential customers, right? 

A well adjusted voice solution with customized scenarios is ready to handle as many calls as you need regardless of time. It’s able to answer the phone, accept a taxi order and schedule it for the most convenient time, considering the number of customers and free cabs. It works just as precisely as a human employee but can be significantly more efficient.

Why does it have more pros than cons?

A few years back, talking to a robot seemed a bit weird. Now, it’s one of the most common options for a first contact with a client. We all got used to machines and for some it’s even a more convenient way to order basic services because it doesn’t cause additional stress of talking to another person. And apart from that?

  1. Using a voicebot allows high quality 24/7 service. You don’t have to count on your staff to always be in great shape, working on weekends and holidays. A robot doesn’t mind if it’s Christmas, it doesn’t get sick, and it’s always courteous. 
  2. You don’t have to hire a bilingual team. A voicebot can be programmed to speak in a few chosen languages for your customers convenience. Language barrier is no longer a blocker. 
  3. If you’re currently using a software that helps you schedule and manage the fares, it can be easily integrated with a voice solution to maintain the communication with drivers, access their whereabouts and estimate the arrival times. 
  4. Offering a fast, reliable and competent service, your company shows its professional image. Thanks to the voice automation, you’re there whenever your client needs a ride. 
  5. You probably figured that out already, but such a solution is certainly highly cost-efficient. It allows you to delegate your current employees to more responsible tasks, making their job more efficient. What’s more, you don’t need to hire a more extensive team as your company grows. 
  6. A voicebot can be fully adjusted to your company’s style and needs. It uses precisely prepared scenarios, can speak as a man, woman, a chosen lector, having a personality that suits your business values. What’s equally important, it learns and gains additional knowledge with every conversation, getting even better and more advanced with time. 

Do you need a little hi-tech helper in your taxi business?

If your clients can contact you using the phone channel or if you see an opportunity in gaining new customers by providing them with an alternative type of contact, it’s probably the best way to go. Remember that your competition doesn’t sleep and if you offer a more convenient solution, you probably win the battle. 

If you want to talk about voice related technologies that can be applied to your business, we’re here to help. We can offer you a ready-made, flexible and adjustable solution or create something crafted exactly to your special needs.