Jun 11, 2021, Business

Friends in a time machine – apps they’d use in 2021

Aneta Skoczewska Business Consultant

It’s 1994. The famous brown couch stands in the heart of the Central Perk coffee house occupied by a bunch of friends. They drink their usual huge-cups lattes, share their lovelife failures, laugh, and chatter their problems away. But wait. The image gets blurry, it disappears for a bit, and the scene changes. There’s still a couch, there’s still a group of people, and they’re still drinking coffee, yet they’re all suspiciously quiet. And what’s that in their hands? OH-MY-GOD, it’s a smartphone. Welcome to the 2021 edition of Friends! Could it BE any weirder? 

Chandler Bing aka Miss Chanandler Bong

Chandler, the funny guy in a sweater vest, was always known for having the most prestigious and well-paid job, working as a… Umm, I want to say… transponster? Either way, sitting on that couch and gazing into his phone, he could easily be a fierce LinkedIn scroller or an invincible Gmail refresher. 

And what about his undeniable comic skills? Being a YouTube influencer would probably be too much, but I see him typing short and catchy jokes on Twitter. That would probably be his go-to app when there’s nobody around to appreciate his sublime humor.

Everybody wants to have a Rachel Green haircut

We all remember the first scene of the show when Rachel waltzes into the Central Perk in a big white puffy wedding dress and announces that she just ran off from the altar. Always perfectly dressed and hair-styled, she became a true fashion icon for women all over the world. And she’s a clothes lover herself – always on top of all the trends and novelties. So, what app would interest her most? Let’s say it together – Instagram. Both to follow the famous fashionistas and to post her own carefully picked and well-thought outfits. Millions of likes would fall at her feet(d). 

Monica “I’m breezy” Geller 

When we say that something’s “Monica” clean, we mean it’s so insanely neat that you could eat from it even if it’s a toilet seat. She’s the one tidying in her sleep and being a true fan of rules. When you move something three inches to the left in her room, she’ll notice and you’d better run. But she’ll also make you a delicious five-course Thanksgiving dinner and gladly help you pack if it’s the thing you hate most. So, because taking notes, making lists and scheduling is her thing, let’s give her an Evernote app. If there’s anything that’ll keep her even more organized, she’ll stick to it.

Phoebe Buffay also known as Regina Phalange

When I hear the name “Phoebe”, my mind goes like: “Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?” in seconds. The girl’s a cockeyed songwriter that knows the guitar chords by the names of animals that your hand is shaped in when you do them. As such a peculiar artist, she’ll be a perfect addition to any Spotify list. It might be the app that’ll finally make her famous (although she’d rather be appreciated after her death).

PS. She loves Jacque Cousteau. 

Ross the divorce force

Biases aside – I think Ross and Rachel really were on a break. But let’s escape this touchy subject and move on to… well, another touchy subject – Ross being the king of divorces. There were actually three. First, he married a lesbian, and even though he trained a lot of karate, it didn’t work out. Then, he said the wrong name at the altar – it can happen to anyone, right? Lastly, he had a drunken wedding in Las Vegas and didn’t annul it in time. 

Although none of the divorce apps gained world-wide popularity, luckily, there’s one more thing about Ross – he’s a geek. And as such, he would probably love the TED Talks app filled with fascinating lectures about science, technology and space. He could also share this knowledge with his friends. After all, they’re so eager to listen to him when he gets all nerdy. 

Joey doesn’t share food!

To be honest, I see Joey on at least three different apps at a time, sipping beer and sitting in his barcalounger named Rosita. First and foremost, he’s probably browsing Uber Eats to order his favourite pepperoni pizza with double cheese. Secondly, he’s swiping right and left on Tinder saying “How you doin’?” out loud to every other picture he sees. And thirdly, is there the Baywatch series on Netflix? If so, we’ve got the last winner. 

Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it.

All the apps mentioned above are a game-changing addition to the virtual world, having millions of users every day. There’s no doubt that Friends would make a totally different series in 2021 – smartphones changed the way we live and gave us a new perspective. 

Either way, you know we’re always open to discuss your digital idea, right? We offer Monica’s neatness, Chandler’s humor, Phoebe’s creativity, Rachel’s sense of style, Ross’s nerdiness, and Joey’s… OK, let’s admit it – pizza drive. Don’t judge. Work makes us hungry.