Nov 4, 2020, Innovations

Optimize Your Customer Service with Voicebot

Aleksandra Trachim Content Marketing Manager

The current global situation is not comfortable for most companies. Nowadays the economy is based on customer relationships that are hard to maintain when we can’t meet face-to-face. Banning shopping malls and small businesses doesn’t mean our customers suddenly won’t have any issues, complaints or questions. We need extraordinary solutions for these tough times. A voicebot can be an example.

At iteo, we’ve been working on our own voicebot for some time now. We wanted to have a unique offer for all our clients that need an innovative, easy-to-use customer support system. But that’s not the only purpose this bot can fulfill. Let’s see which industries can benefit from using a voicebot and what kind of services it can provide.

Voicebot as customer service support

Customer care services can now be overloaded and overwhelmed by the magnitude of work. Queues on helplines suddenly can’t be unloaded, because clients can’t go to the closest facility and talk with an agent to fix their problem. Instead, they call and ask for help.

Voicebots can simplify the process of initial verification so consultants will get the calls that are suitable for their field of expertise and won’t need to forward them. Also, the voicebot can receive and process complaints, for example at home goods and appliances stores.

After the whole process of customer care conversation, voicebots can call the clients to perform satisfactory surveys. This way we will automatically collect data about the efficiency and performance of our employees. In exchange, it can offer free coffee vouchers or other small prizes.

Another great functionality voicebots can offer is collecting consumption data for power and gas plants, as well as water facilities. Instead of sending meter read-outs via email, the voicebot would call every customer once a month so they can provide the correct information. With a voicebot, handling thousands of clients at once and updating the database in real-time is not a problem, so the process would take much less time.

For all digital businesses that need to fix problems and reset passwords hundreds of times daily, a voicebot can take over some of these issues and automatize them.

Voicebot and all kinds of appointments

Every company that works based on appointments that are set to concrete days and hours have problems with clients that don’t cancel and don’t come to the prearranged visit. That includes doctors, hairdressers, beauticians, car workshops and many more. Sending text messages solves the problem to some extent but not completely.

Let the voicebot call your customers on your behalf. It can confirm, change and cancel appointments. The client will more likely pick up the phone than answer a text message. This solution is definitely worth trying!

Other industries that could benefit from voicebots are events and conferences. They can collect a confirmation of arrival and update the participants about the agenda.

Voicebot in debt collection services

Well, the bot won’t knock at the client’s door to collect the debt. But it can be helpful at other stages of this long process. First of all, the voicebot can monitor the current database of indebted clients and contact them to inform them about their balance. Then, it can collect payback declarations and control how many of them were paid on time.

Because the voicebot is storing data of all performed operations, afterwards we can analyze and report its effectiveness. If the client fails to pay back their debt, it can contact them again. All these actions can be automated and done simultaneously for many customers at any time we will program it to call them.

Voicebot as an informant

Scriptwriting for voicebots allows the developer to program them to do the exact action we need it to do. For example, for our client InPost that offers innovative logistics services, we would propose a parcel status functionality performed by a voicebot. The bot would call the client to inform that the package is waiting in the Parcel Locker. And the other way around – the client can call the bot to find out what is the status of their parcel at the moment. With remote Parcel Locker opening, InPost would offer the most modern set of features among all courier companies in Poland.

Another informative scenario we can imagine for a voicebot is to handle knowledge bases for museums and art galleries. Placing interactive devices in or close to the exhibits allows the viewers to ask them directly about the thing they are seeing or the place they are visiting. The voicebot will answer in an elaborate and detailed manner – of course, if that’s what we want. Voicebot scripts give us countless possibilities.

In times of coronavirus pandemic, voicebots would allow governments to quickly react and create FAQ helplines for citizens to find out what’s going on and how to act in times of crisis. Also, they could automatize 911 calls (in Poland the number is 112) to receive emergency reports and send them to adequate services like police, fire departments, hospitals, etc. 

Voicebot in sales and marketing

Imagine contacting us at iteo via phone and hearing a voicebot sharing all the details about our digital agency, including the clients we cooperated with in the past. Voicebots can be an amazing tool for marketing and sales support.

Marketing campaigns via voicebots can be highly informative and motivating. The bot could tell clients about current promotions and free deliveries, handing them discount codes and giving them practical tips about online shopping and complaints policy. Especially useful for retail and e-commerce businesses.

For food chains and delivery services, voicebot could be an alternative to online orders. Sellers (eg. IKEA) can use this system to receive and process purchases, especially in times when their on-site stores need to be closed.

Not to mention contests and quizzes that can be automatically run by a voicebot.

Why did we produce our own voicebot?

When we decided to produce our own voicebot, our goal was to provide our clients with business value in a short time but with high quality. We want to offer and integrate the majority of voice technologies in Poland and abroad. They can create positive experiences for our clients and their customers, no matter what industry they are a part of.

Voicebots can perform inbound and outbound tasks. Phone calls are operated by the bot using natural speech which is possible with technologies like ASR (automatic speech recognition) or STT (speech to text). The technology and provider can be will be picked depending on the process requirements.

The natural language processing system interprets the intent of the statement and the original Hellobot system directs the conversation to give the right answer that will be then spoken with TTS (text to speech) synthesizer. We can also record a voice-over for the bot beforehand.

Hellobot by iteo can be integrated with existing call centers or can be a separate tool connected with other systems that belong to the client – for example a CRM.

Hellobot – a voicebot curated by iteo

An off-the-shelf product that allows to quickly fit it into the company’s operations with an intuitive setup process. Hellobot optimizes and supports key processes like debt collection, setting and confirming appointments, sales, help desks and more. Best for SMEs and enterprises in banking, insurance, automotive, different types of services, governmental organizations and many more. Our voicebot adjusts to variable branches and different types of customer service models. Hellobot can also serve as an individual unit to support corporate operations and internal processes.

We can offer ready-to-use, predefined voicebot prepared to be used in specific processes within chosen industries or customize it according to customer’s specifications. In both scenarios, the voicebot can be quickly set up and implemented into existing operations.

Tough times for your business? Try voicebot!

We can provide any type of voicebot solution just for you. All you need to do is this first step which is contacting us and telling us about your business. We can provide exactly what you need to simplify your current operations. With a voicebot, your firm will be safe in times of pandemic, but not only. Once you try this solution you won’t let it go. Automatization and data organization is unbeatable. And that’s the key to give your customers an even better experience and grow your company’s value. So? Will you say “hello” to Hellobot by iteo? ?