Nov 7, 2019, Consulting

How Do You Pick the Best Digital Agency

Aleksandra Trachim Content Marketing Manager
So you have an idea. Your business needs a new, advanced website with many features. Or you want to become the next big startup with an app that will conquer the world of influencers. Maybe your business is growing super fast and your small e-commerce website needs expansion ASAP. That’s what digital agencies are for – to help you. We take your idea of a software product and make it become a reality. But how to pick an agency to fulfill all your needs?

Forget about choosing based on the lowest price. Saving the budget won’t save you from failing your customers when a website won’t work or an app will be a disaster. This article will tell you how to find your perfect digital agency. Let’s see what you should consider when picking one.

Evaluate your business needs

You might think that every dev house does them all – websites, apps, IoT software, CRMs. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Some agencies have a couple of teams that specialize in different digital products, yet they usually have their main area of expertise. So the first step would be to determine what kind of product you have in mind and then browse for agencies that specialize in it.

Another thing to reflect on is your style of cooperation. Do you want to be present every step of the way? Can you actively work with the team? Are you open to the idea of workshops and face-to-face meetings where you will discuss ideas and processes? Pick an agency that does all those things – like iteo for example. We always like to include our clients in the project, if they wish. This way we can help them evaluate the idea and showcase them how we work on it. If you prefer to just delegate work and not think about it too much, look for an independent team that won’t bother you if it’s not necessary.

Lastly, ask yourself – what kind of features would you expect from the product. Should it be very advanced or rather simple? That will influence the project’s budget and timeline. A competent dev house will estimate how much the project will cost and how long will it take. They will also give you some options to reduce those two factors if it’s possible. You can see how the key to a great collaboration with a digital agency is communication.

Before you contact them

So you browsed the web and found some interesting digital agencies you want to pursue. Before you do so, check their online presence. See how they communicate with the world. Do they share their expertise? Are they showcasing their finished projects? There are a couple of places to check it out.

First, go to their website. Does it look clean and modern? Is it easy to navigate? The main sections you should see are Services, Portfolio and Blog.

Services page will help you find out what kind of products are developed inside this house. Seeing finished projects in the portfolio will be a great chance to find out what is the design style of the agency you are considering. And their blog should be a source of useful information – if they are not afraid to share it, it means they are confident in their knowledge and skills.

Then, go to their social media profiles. This way you will find out what kind of vibe this company represents. It can be very important for your cooperation. On Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter you can find out more about the daily life of a digital agency, what kind of projects they participate in and what is their work culture.

Last but not least, check out their reviews on external portals like Clutch or GoodFirms. It’s a chance to see what their ex-clients say about the agency. Also, it’s definitely worth examining portfolios on Behance and Dribbble. That’s the best place to see the unique style of the agency’s design team.

Ask a few questions

So you overviewed your business needs and you researched companies online. Now it’s time to initiate the first contact. Whichever way you choose – email or phone, be prepared for this conversation. Have a bunch of information ready and ask the right questions to get as much as possible from the first conversation or email exchange.

In the beginning, briefly explain what kind of project you have in mind. Don’t share too many details but don’t be too general either. You need to give them an idea of what your main goal really is.

Then, ask questions. There are a couple that can be particularly important.

  • Do they have experience with similar kinds of projects?

  • Which technologies do they use?

  • What kind of work methods do they practice?

  • How does collaboration and communication with a client look like?

  • What are the tools they use to cooperate with a client and to manage projects?

  • Are they flexible and can propose different solutions if something goes wrong in the project?

  • What is their approach to difficult situations and problems during the project?

You get the idea. Your goal is to determine how the digital agency of your choice manages their projects and cooperates with their clients. If their answers are comprehensive, you might be closer than you think to finding the perfect dev house for your next IT project.

As you can see, picking a digital agency needs more preparation than one might think. But that’s a good thing. This way your search will be faster and more successful. You can also contact us at iteo and let us know what you have in mind. We are eager to help!