Oct 21, 2020, Consulting

Improve Your Digital Processes in Times of Global Crisis

Aleksandra Trachim Content Marketing Manager

As you may know, we are facing the coronavirus pandemic at the moment. Is there any way to save your business from economical fallout that can happen because of it? Definitely! We need to observe changes in consumer behaviors. Then we act to support our brand’s growth while making our client’s lives easier.

What impact does the economic crises have on businesses?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading fast. More and more countries are introducing regulations like canceling mass events or closing public facilities (cinemas, gyms, etc). They also recommend staying at home and working remotely if possible.

Changes in society’s life organization have a huge influence on existing entrepreneurs. The model of goods and services consumption we knew until now is evolving. Consumers turn to online shopping and activities they can do at home. They also prefer running personal and professional errands without face-to-face contact. Thus, business digitalization is a huge chance at the moment.

The economic crisis was forecasted some time ago but no one expected it to happen so rapidly. We are still not able to predict how long the stagnation caused by the pandemic will take and what will be the outcome of it. Many industries can suffer and some small businesses can go bankrupt. 

Every company should reflect on its strategy for upcoming months and adapt it to the new market situation. It can be easier or harder, depending on the industry, but new technologies can help most of them. The internet can be a relief in an hour of economic depression.

How can iteo help with digital product development and moving business processes to that area?

Our years of experience in software development are priceless nowadays. We have a portfolio of many clients who moved parts of their operations to the digital area – which caused the company’s growth and positively influenced clients’ satisfaction. We offer our services to many different industries where each client has their own business needs and goals. While the pandemic is still ongoing, our common purpose should be simplifying clients’ lives.

Here are some examples of solutions that allow our clients to run their businesses safely and effectively while the coronavirus is still out there:


Mobile application for the Polish logistics industry leader. Includes innovative functionality of remote Parcel Locker opening. Thanks to this option, clients have no need to touch the machine’s computer screen to pick up their package.

It is worth mentioning that this app won the main prize and was granted first place in the “Services” category during the Mobile Trends Awards gala. It was downloaded millions of times from Google Play and App Store. Also, it was ranked as the first most downloaded mobile app.


Because it is strongly recommended to not leave home, lots of clients decide to buy online. Rossmann app allows them to find beauty and hygiene products they need and order them to an address of choice. Online payments are also very useful – we don’t need to have direct contact with the courier, touch the money or payment terminal.

Great digital solution not only for the beauty industry but for all e-commerce businesses.


It’s a platform for finding trustworthy opinions on aesthetic medicine specialists. It offers online consultations and procedures knowledge base, too. Of course, right now we should not invest in this kind of medical help, but this healthcare industry product is proof that we can create an app that will support doctors in teleconsultations and optimize the work of medical facilities. Remote prescriptions issuing is one of the functionalities. 


Fans of dining out are disappointed with restaurants and bars closing so they order more food online. The personalized app is scalable and effective so introducing changes into the menu or prices is quick and easy. An additional function of no-contact delivery allows the user to pick up their order safely – the courier will leave it at the door.

Fit @ Home

Closing gyms and fitness clubs can be problematic for people who try to stay fit. No contact with a personal trainer can negatively influence their motivation but also make them realize they don’t know what to do. This app helps to work out at home – it has ready-to-use workout plans and tips on how to use them. We can create a similar product for gyms and trainers so it will be compatible with other services they offer.

Leading Polish FMCG wholesaler (name protected by NDA)

Thanks to online shopping including the click & collect order pickup system, this app helps with quick goods ordering and picking them in the most convenient way from the chosen location. It also minimizes the need to touch shopping carts, baskets and products on shelves. We don’t need to spend time in the shop which is crucial while the pandemic is ongoing.

Voice bot by iteo

Original solution by iteo team with the potential to help in many industries. Voice bots can effectively perform debt collection processes, also they offer to book medical appointments, check order statuses, initially verify interest in certain services, lead satisfaction surveys and much more.

This product supports cost optimization in the company while increasing customer support quality and process effectiveness. It is available for many different industries because it can be personalized and adjusted to concrete services. With voice bot, we can offer customer care via phone – without expecting our clients to leave their homes.

All apps mentioned above were developed by specialists from iteo. These are digital products that boost and enhance daily routines with smartphones and other mobile devices.

We can build a similar solution for you – including your clients’ needs and your brand’s industry. We’ve already helped many of our clients in these uncertain times and we are continuing to do so. We know that technologies and online access are the answer for all companies that want to survive the pandemic, crisis and other random events.

Our mobile applications are appreciated by industry specialists and clients from around the world. They get a lot of positive feedback in app stores from where they were downloaded millions of times. Also, they are listed high in application ranks, not only in Poland but also in other countries where our clients come from. 

Product Workshops online

For all clients that are interested in the digitalization of their operations, we offer our original work method – Product Workshops. It is a process of project initiation that allows us to effectively find out what are the requirements and expectations of our clients. They also help us to collaborate with them on product vision that presents concrete values.

The main benefits of workshops are verification of business assumptions and technological possibilities for production, as well as creating customer experience vision. Product Workshops help with project cost estimation, proposing adequate changes and also allows us to quickly build a clickable prototype. The whole process can be done remotely.

Why should you work with iteo?

  • We’ve developed a mobile app of the year 2019 (main prize in Mobile Trends Awards)
  • One of our apps was ranked number 1 in the Polish App Store and Google Play
  • Another app we created was ranked number 1 in the American App Store
  • We work using the best technologies and best hardware
  • We guarantee the quality and scalability of our team
  • We were honored as Microsoft Gold Partner
  • We are regularly awarded for our design projects
  • Our clients include InPost, Rossmann, Dominos, Itaka, Shell, Kia, Deloitte and exciting startups from 5 continents
  • We are a reliable business partner and responsible employer 

Contact us!

If you want to move your processes to the digital area and work despite the crisis – we invite you to contact us. Thanks to online Product Workshops and other tools that allow us to efficiently communicate and collaborate remotely, we can create a unique IT product that supports your brand’s operations and gives your clients positive value!