Jun 11, 2019, Consulting, inside iteo

Iteo certified as a Gold Microsoft Partner

Natalia Dołżycka Copywriter
We are proud to announce that Microsoft has recognized iteo as a Gold Certified Partner in Application Development. This is the highest certification possible that confirms we meet professional standards and demonstrate technical knowledge and expertise. Gold Partners have a close working relationship with Microsoft and can serve their clients better than ever before through numerous benefits and opportunities.

The certification is a part of the Microsoft Partner Network Program for companies from around the world that want to improve upon Microsoft solutions and technologies. To achieve Gold Competency, at least four employees must achieve the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: App Builder certification. This certification validates not only the skills needed to build modern applications and services but also to manage and deploy it through Microsoft-managed data centers using Microsoft Azure.

Only a small percent of all companies working with Microsoft can achieve the Gold status in various fields and prove they are a partner with the professional IT expertise.

What are the benefits?

Achieving the status of a Gold Certified Partner comes not only with prestige, but most of all – with great benefits for the clients and company that holds it.

As a part of the network membership, we have now exclusive access to Microsoft tools, utilities, and toolkits. The iteo team can partake in Microsoft’s ongoing training programs dedicated to their field of expertise, like M365 – Security or Azure Fundamentals (to name the few) as well as receive the continuous online technical support. We are now closer than before to Microsoft’s solutions and have a unique chance to learn from and grow with one of the biggest software companies in the world.

But most of all, having the certificate serves our clients. Since the relationship with Microsoft tightened through the certificate, we have now unlimited access to the newest tools and software in the early stages of their development. That means no matter what project we do, you are always sure that it meets the Microsoft standards. Working with Gold Certified Partner means choosing the experienced, dedicated team, utilizing the newest Microsoft technologies and creating a project that meets and exceeds your expectations.