Nov 7, 2018, Consulting

Swedish Unique Startup Scene

Gabriela Cendrzak Content Marketing Specialist

1. What made you join Iteo? Tell us your story!

To be honest, that was kinda accident. I came to Iteo to replace a friend. At first I was supposed to take care of sales activities, but I quickly took over other responsibilities, such as invoicing, office management and HR. It was 2015, we were a small team consisting of ten people or such… so I had the opportunity to watch Iteo team grow over the years.

2. Do you remember your first day or first few days at Iteo? What was it like?

Incredibly hot. I’m serious. It was the beginning of September and we had the hottest days of that summer and everyone was melting, and apart from that? I have great memories of my first few days, guys from the development team were very nice and helpful, they were patient enough to answer all of my questions and I really appreciated that.

3. What is your biggest professional goal you would wish to achieve?

I don’t have a very specific goal yet – but rather a direction I would like to follow. I really like working with people. HR activities give me the most satisfaction. I think that the exact aim will clarify as I develop myself and get to know my personal scope of interests.

4. Say the first thing that will come to your mind: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Once again, I don’t think I have one particular person I take inspiration from.These are more the certain character traits in some people that make me feel inspired. I admire people that are able to set and then achieve their goals thanks to their hard work and self-motivation. Strong characters impress me and motivate to be such a person myself. I appreciate people that care about self-improvement, yet keep the common sense and don’t lose their minds trying to chase an impossible aim.

5. Who did you want to be in the future when you were a kid?

I had many ideas! I even wanted to be an archeologists, although I have no idea how I got so interested in that topic. I wasn’t even that much into diggin in the sandbox! (laugh). Later on, I wanted to be a teacher for a while, but growing older I started to notice how ungrateful this profession can be. However, the need to work with other people remained.

6. If you were a fictional character (from a cartoon, movie or game) who would you be and why?

First character that came to my mind? The Donkey from “Shrek”. I think I’m as cheerful as him and stay positive no matter what. And I’m known to be the source of the most random fun facts! On the second thought though, I think I would be the fusion of Donkey and Puss in Boots, as Puss always keeps Donkey under control! So I would be Donkey in Boots (laugh).

7. Imagine you are on a desert island. You can choose one person from the entire team to keep you company. Who would it be and why?

Jola (Head of US operations). We’ve cooperated many times and were always able to find a common ground and achieve a certain goal. No matter how difficult the situation might be, we always succeeded. And I’m not talking about job-related things only. So the choice is obvious for me!

8. The most important question: iOS or Android?!

I don’t really care to be perfectly honest, I can operate on both. Equality first and foremost! (laugh)