Nov 13, 2018, Mobile

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Gabriela Cendrzak Content Marketing Specialist

1. What made you join Iteo? Tell us your story!

After I graduated, I was looking for my first job in the industry. It turned out to be a little challenging since even after a few job interviews, none of the offers looked really appealing to me. You know, when you begin your career, it’s hard to find conditions that satisfy both you and your employer. Fortunately, I found what I was looking for here at Iteo. It has opened the doors to IT industry for me.

2. Do you remember your first day or first few days at Iteo? What was it like?

It was simply terrifying (laugh). I have been thrown into deep water, working on a project since day one, and initially, I felt really overwhelmed. Fortunately, on the second day the rest of the team came over and while working together, it didn’t seem so hard anymore.
Looking from perspective, I know it was a simple project and that I was involved in order to show off my skills and to challenge myself. As soon as I stopped worrying so much, it turned out to be a great opportunity. I felt extremely motivated and treated seriously. Also, I really appreciated my teammates’ support – especially because half of them I knew from my college days! The atmosphere was phenomenal, I felt like going back to my studies (laugh).

Moreover, even before I officially came to the office on my first day, I was invited for the office bicycle trip. I had an occasion to get to know my teammates better. It also gave me an idea about how the after-work time at Iteo looks like.

3. What is your biggest professional goal you would wish to achieve?

Continuous self-development. I think there is no such a thing as “the pinnacle of one’s possibilities”. You can never rest on your laurels and say that everything has already been achieved. You can do anything really, as long as you are hardworking, up to date with everything that happens in your field, always curious and motivated.
I don’t really have any particular professional goal – I just want to do the best I can in the field I have chosen. I never stop searching and learning. I also invest my free time to improve, every day. I like what I do so I definitely won’t let it go to waste.

4. Say the first thing that will come to your mind: Who is your biggest inspiration?

I don’t have one person that inspires me – I get inspiration from listening to achievements of other people around me. For example, this weekend Mr Robert Karaś became world champion in Triple Ultra Triathlon. I’m also into running and I take part in events such as Runmageddon, so I think it’s amazing that a guy like me – even exactly from my country – achieved such a spectacular success.
I look up to people who have accomplished something and I try to observe what made them successful. I don’t tend to focus on a single person and rather learn from many people that follow their aims. That keeps me challenged and motivated. Maybe one day I will be the source of inspiration for someone? I would absolutely love that to happen!

5. Who did you want to be in the future when you were a kid?

I wanted to be Songo (the main character from Dragonball cartoon)! (laugh). And besides that, a firefighter. So you can say that I had pretty typical plans for a boy my age.
Later on, I became fascinated with programming. I got my first PC pretty late, but only after one year of using it, I went to IT school and started catching up. I found coding really fascinating, I was able to engage into a discussion about every single line of code! I consider myself a very lucky guy to be able to work in an industry I have so much fondness for.

6. If you were a fictional character (from a cartoon, movie or game) who would you be and why?

As I already mentioned, Goku from Dragonball. That cartoon marked me for my entire life (laugh). Even now I can be spotted in Dragonball t-shirt from time to time. When I was a kid I simply enjoyed the captivating action and flashy goings-on, appreciation for plot and characters came later. For now, I can’t say I’m a perfect Goku – first of all, he didn’t have such a round belly (laugh) – but I think I might get that idea of continuous self-development partially from him.

7. Imagine you are on a desert island. You can choose one person from the entire team to keep you company. Who would it be and why?

Will you allow me to give two answers if I explain them well? Yes? Okay, so it would be Michał Konieczny (Full-stack Developer) and Benjamin Rast (Frontend Developer). They are both such mood lifters! Even if something unexpected happens in the project, they always keep a calm and optimistic attitude. We would not only survive but also have a lot of fun. Moreover, they are my good friends and amazing developers who taught me a lot… So I would like to force them to survive the tortures of a desert island!

8. The most important question: iOS or Android?!

Weird question for someone who talks to you via Samsung! (laugh) Of course Android. Who would want to use a mobile phone that has a nibbled apple on it and, hence, is famous? It’s time to say “enough” to all those iOS-worshipping answers. We’ve all used Android at some point  – I don’t feel any need to change that state.