Oct 12, 2021, Business

James Bond aka Inspector Gadget – 007 and his toys

Karolina Gabzdyl Junior Marketing Specialist

Spy vehicles and highly advanced gadgets have become a discriminant of Bond’s remarkable missions over the years. Their purpose was making the famous 007 even more omnipotent and defeating the evillest of villains with something more than his undoubtful charm and cleverness. Yet some say that the gadgets from previous films were too futuristic. That’s why nowadays the viewers are presented with inventions a little less sophisticated than the Dragon Flamethrower or the Alligator Submarine. So, today we’ll focus on gadgets used by the XXI century Bond – loved by some and hated by others – Daniel Craig.

Casino Royale (2006)

Sometimes things go wrong on a mission. But come on, this is James Bond we’re talking about. There is no such thing as impossible for him and his gadgets. And what do we get this time?

  • A phone, Sony Ericsson K800i with a sophisticated GPS system and a 3.2 megapixel digital camera that allows our agent to take hundreds of pictures with the speed of a rifle.
  • A microchip implant in Bond’s arm that enables MI6 not only to register his location but also to monitor and analyse his bodily functions.
  • An explosive keychain detonated remotely with a cell phone message which Bond intercepts from a terrorist in order to prevent a huge explosion.
  • A portable defibrillator in the glove compartment of Bond’s vehicle which plays a key role in the final scenes of the film. He knows how to use it. Do you?

Quantum of Solace (2008)

Like the previous part of James Bond’s adventures, this one also features a high-tech Sony Ericsson phone. This time it is a model C902 with a built in identification imager, capable of compiling a composite facial image of a potential suspect even if the person being photographed is looking to the side. Thanks to its direct connection to the MI6 database, it also allows for the rapid acquisition of suspect information.

Apart from that, the film showcases a multi-touch table computer which is nothing but a large touch-screen conference table that allows you to share documents and photos. Pretty useful, huh?

Skyfall (2012)

The main action of the film takes place in foggy Scotland, but don’t let that put you off! There are explosions, gunshots and… even more gadgets.

Traditionally the film featured a Sony phone (Xperia T). What’s more noteworthy, this time it also made use of the Walther PPK/S 9mm short pistol which comes with a fingerprint reader and only fires when James Bond holds it. 

It’s also hard to overlook a simple radio transmitter that allows MI6 to track Bond’s location while activated. Although this time Bond complained about the poor selection of gadgets, he appreciated the value of this small device along the way. 

Additionally, we were able to spot an Omega Seamaster watch on 007’s wrist. It is one of the first models presented by the brand. The sealing technology developed on submarines during World War II makes this timepiece much less susceptible to changes in temperature and pressure. The mechanism of the watch guarantees the highest level of precision and unrivalled resistance of the mechanism to magnetic fields.

Spectre (2015)

Do you remember a microchip implant in Bond’s arm from “Casino Royale”? Forget about it. Chips are a thing of the past. It’s the smart blood era! These nanoparticles implanted into Bond’s circulatory system allow MI6 to track his location via GPS Satellites. Apart from that, 007 is also equipped with a laser microphone attached to his SMG which we can observe during the operation in Mexico. There was, of course, the Omega Seamaster watch, but this time it featured a built-in explosive charge with a one-minute timer. Beware!

No Time To Die (2021)

You may be curious to see what gadgets will appear in the latest James Bond movie. We don’t know – at least not yet, but you can find out on your own. The film premiered in late September and you can still watch it in cinemas. Have you seen it yet? Or maybe you’re about to go soon? Let us know!