Mar 5, 2021, Business, inside iteo

Mobile Trends Awards – once again on top!

iteo team

To celebrate, we have an interview with iteo’s CEO – Jerzy Kufel who answers some questions about our MTA history.

When did you first hear about the Mobile Trends Awards?

It was in 2012 when I’ve been only a year into a software development business, and MTA has celebrated its first anniversary. At that time, I didn’t really know what it was all about, and getting any kind of reward seemed quite unreal. 

So, when did it become real?

In 2017, I joined MTA as a lecturer, talking about how to manage projects in a software company and how to deal with clients. Our first nomination was a year later for iteo’s website. I perceived it as one of the signs that we know what we’re doing and that we do it right. 

How many awards did iteo get for the InPost Mobile App and how did you feel when you heard you’ve won?

It was the 1st place in the MTA 2019 main prize competition, 1st place in the Services category, and 3rd prize in the users’ vote. This year we managed to repeat the success, getting the 1st place in the MTA 2020 main prize competition, 1st place in the Services category, and 2nd prize in the users’ vote as well. 

How did I feel? It was a true distinction, nobilitation and a moment of joy. I was happy that we did such a great job as a team and the award was our well deserved crowning. It was a confirmation that the product we made is usable and brings real value to both our clients and users – and that’s what matters most. 

The award ceremony coincided with the onset of the pandemic. What impact did it have?

Due to coronavirus, information about winning the MTA award has been rather bitter-sweet. On one hand, I felt proud of my team and happy that we took part in such a successful project. On the other – we were all on the verge of something totally unknown and scary, not being sure about our stable future. The pandemic has verified what’s really important and it has been a fight for survival for many companies out there. We had to adjust as well.

Nevertheless, congratulations to Mobile Trends Awards that they managed to overcome the crisis. I know that many conferences of this kind struggled a lot and dropped out.

Are there any other awards you’d like to get as iteo?

What I value most is the number of downloads our applications have in the stores and their high ratings. Millions of users satisfied with our product mean that we did our job well – just like in the case of InPost. It has 5,2 millions of active users and 100,000 people visit the app every day. Additionally, it’s the best rated app in Europe, scoring 5,0 in AppStore and 4,9 in Google Play with over 200 thousand reviews. These are the factors that make our products successful. 

Looking at current trends presented at the 2021 MTA ceremony, which seem to be the most groundbreaking and long-term?

I think that our nearest future will be dominated by Flutter used as a top hybrid technology, PWA, hyperautomation, and voice solutions. We constantly develop in these fields to provide the most satisfactory outcome of our products. 

Do you have anything to say to other winners?

Congratulations! Great work!