Jul 7, 2020, inside iteo

Our coverage of TestingCup2020 Online

Beata Słupek QA Team Leader

We wouldn’t miss it for the world! On June 17th, two teams were representing iteo during TestingCup 2020 Online. This edition was special – not only because the competition was held entirely remotely but also because, for the first time, MrBuggy was created in the form of a mobile application.

Two squads consisting of 3 people each were representing iteo’s QA department in the biggest, annual competition for software testers – TestingCup. This year, due to COVID-19 pandemic recommendations, it was happening in a particular mode – entirely online. The attendees had to face the challenge of finding the biggest number of defects hidden in MrBuggy application as quickly as possible.

Why was this year different?

The exceptional nature of this TestingCup edition, besides online format and MrBuggy mobile app, was also underlined by the competition’s changed rules. Each year, TestingCup had two stages. First was all about finding the most significant number of bugs and reporting them. Depending on the significance of the issue, the participant would obtain plus points, but if the reported bug wasn’t actually a bug – there would be minus points!

The second stage required to prepare a testing process document picked by the organizational committee. In previous years there was, for example, a testing plan or a test report. The document would be verified with a checklist of all required elements. The number of points collected in both stages would indicate the winner or winners.

But this year the organizational committee changed the rules completely. There was no document preparation or the minus points, which was definitely an advantage of this year’s competition.

The course of the competition

During the festive inauguration, the rules of this year’s edition were presented. What mattered was the number of founded defects and the time spent on finding them. To prove that the bug wasn’t found by accident, one had to recreate the error again. After detecting all issues hidden within the app or when the time passed by (we had 2 hours), team captains had to send a report from their device – the time spent to find defects on their devices was crucial because it influenced the team’s score.

The organizational committee provided 20 challenging tasks that featured different functionalities like signing up, logging in, purchasing products and more – each of them had one critical defect. None of the competing teams found all of them, which can indicate that the competition this year was really tough. TestingCup 2020 winners found 18 issues. Our representatives – ITEO CrashFreeTeam and ITEO Bug Hunters placed themselves on the 12th and 21st positions in the rank.

Congratulations to all attendees and see you on the next year’s edition of TestingCup!