Feb 12, 2019, Design, inside iteo

The Story Of Our New Identity

Alicja Stalmach Head of Nordics

Creating new branding is a very big deal, especially when you really want your brand to properly reflect who you are and what are your core values. Anyway, we decided that the beginning of 2019 is a perfect time for a change.

Since the very get-go in 2011, iteo has been successively changing, but our visual identity remained the same. It has been serving us well for a chunk of time, but at some point, it just stopped feeling right. It was good but didn’t tell the story nor express our vision. We knew it was a bit outdated and difficult to scale up in the IT industry that needs to be following the latest trends at all times, this kind of feeling was unacceptable. Change is something you can’t avoid, especially if creating new ID allowed us to express the journey we’ve been through and what we’ve accomplished.

Following those trends and, most importantly our inner guts, we decided to take a bold step forward and redesign ourselves.

Keeping it short and sweet

There are three key adjectives that define us as a team: CREATIVE, PROFESSIONAL and FRESH (big word, huh?). We combined them using three main elements in our new branding:

Onelines – creative

Shapes – professional

Colors – fresh

While working on the concept of our new ID, we wanted to create uncompromising and awesome stuff, but at the same time needed to keep professional. It is extremely important for us to create a brand that our team wants to identify with, that is recognizable and respected on the market.  

New Logo

Why did we decide to change our logo? Because it visually didn’t represent any specified concept. That idea was inside us but was not reflected by the logo.

This is exactly why we created the new iteo sign. One that we, as a team, can use in a conscious and deliberate way. One that will also look pretty damn hot as an office neon.

The current logo is a oneline shape based on a steady circle with a rebellious spin thanks to the letter “i” that whooshes right through it. On the one hand, it’s just a simple and literal sign, but on the other, it represents many objects and visions. Just take a look:

Visual Identity Components

It was extremely important for us to create something unique. This is why we combined geometric shapes – they are stable, predictable and genuine with oneline illustrations that are fresh and mischievous.

Why geometric shapes? Cause, they are symmetric. Just like with people’s faces, we all subconsciously look for symmetry, as it’s a norm for aesthetics. People feel good and safe with it – which is exactly what we need in those crazy times.

To make it even more rebellious, we added a twist onto the figures themselves, by covering them only partially in orange colour which makes them a bit rebellious yet even more symmetric.

Oneline Illustrations

Onelines are not just random illustrations.

The concept was based on the assumption that designing and developing software for a customer is a process that is most easily visualized by a line having its beginning and end;  just like in the case when our company conducts the client through the process of creating software from the beginning to the end. The line can have different shapes and noodles; it can also represent different problems that we encounter as a team. But in the end, we always get rid of them, making the line straight again and ending up with a desirable solution.

With only one line, the three-dimensional illustrations outline our ideas. Not to blow our own trumpet but we are the first who use this kind of illustrations and create them with great precision on such a scale. It’s something fresh and unique in our branch, don’t you think?

Website Design

All those elements are visible on our website. It’s clear and simple, but simultaneously has shapes and lines that make it unique. Combining linear illustrations with geometric shapes aims at joining the professionalism and modern style of the company.

We made it intuitive and suitable for every device, which may sound obvious but is still very much relevant. The biggest challenge for corporate websites is the amount of content. We overcame this problem by creating sections based on pictures and texts with a horizontal scroll.

The Reason for a Change

Change is a must in the IT industry. It is also said, that if you don’t change, you don’t grow.

After 8 years, we got mature enough to make such a bold decision and take up the challenge of rebranding. It’s another step towards our growth and a better future. The experience that we already gained and an exceptional team that we have, help us create products that make a difference and brought us to the point where we are in right now.

Inside,  iteo team still remains the same. And trust us: we feel that our current visual identity reflects who we are way better.

Welcome to the world, new website and new ID! Holla! ?

* Kudos to our awesome design and development team that made all of this happen!