Dec 13, 2019, inside iteo

Top 10 Articles From Our Blog 2019

Aleksandra Trachim Content Marketing Manager

It’s almost the end of the year. We decided to overview the best articles on our blog based on the readership. In this rank, you can check them out again to refresh your knowledge. And if you are new here – we recommend reading them so you can gain a new perspective on different IT issues.

We’ve checked the statistics and here they are. Top 10 of your favorite articles in 2019:

This year we’ve updated our visual identification, including our logo and website. The article describes the idea behind it and the whole process of rebranding. Visuals included!

Thought-provoking quote from this piece: “Change is a must in the IT industry. It is also said, that if you don’t change, you don’t grow.”

2019 was the year of changes! After rebranding, we moved our headquarters to a bigger office. That was a chance to design this space to be our own. The goal was to support creativity and to find a balance between privacy and openness. How did we achieve that? Find out in the article.

Thought-provoking quote from this piece: “Our new workspace design positively influenced mostly our productivity and certainly benefited overall collaboration and communication.”

Flutter framework became something very important at iteo. We really like this technology, so we wrote a bunch of articles about it. In this one we compare it to another tool for app development – React Native. Check out what we think about them both.

Thought-provoking quote from this piece: “The battle between React Native and Flutter is mostly a battle between stable, recognized framework versus an opponent that is new, dynamic and hungry for success.”

As we mentioned, Flutter is dear to us. This article focuses on the predictions and expectations of this framework. We know that Flutter’s future is bright. Read the article if you want to know what exactly is our view on it.

Thought-provoking quote from this piece: “The state of the market might rapidly change when Google releases the new system, forcing all Android developers to become Flutter developers. That is where Flutter will shine the most.”

Design is a huge part of our work. That’s why we create a lot of articles on it. This one unveils the true impact of a well-prepared design pitch. Why is it so important? Well, if you are a designer and you want your idea to be picked by the client – this article is a must-read.

Thought-provoking quote from this piece: “The beloved ‘less is more’ principle and ubiquitous minimalism will not work for every project. Don’t forget about the client’s business goals – after all, their opinion will ultimately determine whether what you have prepared will be accepted and released for development.”

Detailed coverage of TestCamp conference and workshops. Our QA team took part in it and shared their experiences. We attend a lot of events and we always learn something new. Gaining new knowledge and skills is crucial to expand our work. Check out how our testing practices improved after TestCamp.

Thought-provoking quote from this piece: “All the issues that were discussed during presentations and while networking with other participants were a proof that our work model at iteo and our expansion plans are according to the newest technological trends of mobile and web app testing.”

Product Workshops are another significant part of our work at iteo. It’s a unique part of our offer, that’s why we use our blog to explain why we do it and how it is done. This one here is about the value that workshops can give to both sides – the client and our team.

Thought-provoking quote from this piece: “Only by joining forces we can create something that will fit your company’s, customers’ and market’s needs (and will also make us proud).”

Working with startups is a big chunk of our everyday operations. As well as using .NET Core. We connect those two things in this article. Startupers often look for robust solutions for their IT projects – read this blog post to find out why .NET Core framework is worth giving it a try.

Thought-provoking quote from this piece: “Choosing the right technology for a digital product is not easy. And it’s the key when there is a limited budget and expectations for short delivery time.”

Yet another Flutter article. In this one, we list the advantages and disadvantages of the framework. If you wonder if this is a choice for your business – check out what’s in the article. Spoiler alert: we tell exactly who will benefit from using Flutter!

Thought-provoking quote from this piece: “Why is this a revolution? Because of its nature and capabilities, Flutter is not a framework but rather an SDK for applications designed for a touch screen. Its primary purpose is to work with iOS and Android devices but can run on other platforms as well.”

Testing is often underrated, but not at iteo. The uniqueness of this blog post is based on examples used in it. These are real situations from many different industries, where one little bug in code was a cause of the disaster. A bit scary but also eye-opening. Find out why good QA practices are crucial for every IT product.

Thought-provoking quote from this piece: “All those events could have been avoided if buggy software wouldn’t be authorized to use. Let’s face it – there is no way to know if there are any errors that can cause dangerous situations and malfunctions if there is no testing included.”

We hope you liked the rundown of our blog post we’ve prepared for you. 2019 was a year of big decisions, bold changes and learning new things. We still have a lot to share so expect even more knowledge on our blog in 2020. And if you want to collaborate with a seasoned digital agency – let’s do something extraordinary together. The first step is to contact us ?