Feb 22, 2021, Design

Top 10 designs by iteo for our 10th anniversary

Dominik Nowakowski Product Designer

10 is a beautiful number! We always have “Top 10, Best 10”, 10 Years of something. It’s quite a thing to celebrate. No wonder we mention it since iteo is just celebrating its 10th anniversary! So, that’s why we decided to write about our Top 10 Designs (in our humble opinion).

The list is gonna be quite long so get yourself a comfortable spot, take a big cup of tea, cool blanket, and let’s roll!

#10 VTT

VTT Solutions is an Australian VR & AR company that collaborates with exceptional tech businesses. Our main task was to make its full Branding including Logo & Key Visual, along with a fully responsive website. For key visuals, we used fake 3D effects with logo colors which we applied to images. The whole website was supported by animations to give it an even more virtual reality look.

#9 Fit@Home

Our client came to us with an idea for a fitness mobile app – and that’s it. They wanted to offer premium, paid service for their customers that don’t have time to hit the gym. Allowing people to exercise from the comfort of their own living room helps them keep fit when they don’t want to get tied by a gym membership or they don’t have time to schedule long workouts into their busy days. After performing product workshops, we’ve created an easy to use but highly functional iOS and Android application using the Flutter framework. Beautiful illustrations, bold styling, and a simple interface give everyone a positive experience. Our goal was to give every user a boost of motivation and keeping it requires the app to be accessible at all times. We achieved that by displaying everything clearly on the screen.

#8 Motion Reel

Motion Reel is a summary of all our animations from over 2 years. Through UI animation, illustration, all the way to breathe life in the logo or explainer. We started to animate completely by accident and the whole thing has evolved to such a size that animation is currently one of our services!

#7 Hemlane

Hemlane wanted to refresh its look, change the UI and UX of the website and the product. We also came up with the idea of creating a product explainer in the form of a GIF. Everything put together creates a simple, minimalistic design with few animated explainers for the users. 

#6 Wage

First off, it’s worth mentioning that our Wage’s Behance presentation won a Feature in Adobe XD and Interaction categories. This is actually the second version of the Wage App that we had a chance to design. We simplified the logo and built a new set of icons, adopting a primary color – vibrant violet – and establishing a secondary one – turquoise. The designs were adjusted for web, mobile, and tablet scale. Compared to the initial project which involved patterns based on logo and graphical element multiplication, the second one is more serious and business-like, but still simple and fun.

#5 Lektorio

Fancy & Easy to use app designated for students and their teachers. We used a quite geometric font called Codec Cold combined with delicate pastel colors. The coolest thing about Lektorio are the lovely illustrations of our quote-bubble ghost! Adding a little noise shadow to it and some blobs makes them really pleasant and eye-catching. No wonder that Behance folks featured Lektorio in the Xd and UI category!

#4 Marketables

The style of illustrations has been worked out by combining a technological character of the website with coloristic code assigned for specific products and users’ types. Gradients and permeations create futuristic product presentations. The colors we used are calm but elegant. They contrast very well with the navy blue background which should be friendly for people with eyesight problems. In search of a modern, geometric font, we stumbled across Nuito Sans. We simply fell in love with its simplicity and consistency. It looks great as both a small text and a big title – that’s why we’ve decided not to mix it with any other font.

#3 Landingi

Landingi was a complex project. The client needed a new branding which included a new logo, illustrations, brand color, and a fresh way to show off and explain their product – a landing page creator. It has a modern and playful feel to it. For the first time in iteo, we did a UI & Branding workshop for the client and it turned out great! Everyone was happy and we felt that this is the right way to do it, and from now on it will be a lot easier to make this product including all of the requirements. The new website is a result of all of that.

#2 Ilustrafolio

The biggest collection of our selected illustrations made between 2018 and 2020. Every part is precisely described, with the color palette and a few illustrations. Everything is complemented by a beautiful animated illustration of a forest with a pond and a swan.

#1 InPost

The InPost 2.0 Design was based on a client’s new brand book from which we took some elements and adjusted them for „good design” requirements. The main goal was to improve visual accessibility, and that’s why we decided to use a larger and more readable font so that none of the application users have problems with readability. We also decided to make new illustrations for the app and animate them in a few places like onboarding or parcel pick-up.