Jul 24, 2020, inside iteo

We announce a partnership with NopCommerce

Anna Wojtala New Business Manager
We have been waiting for this announcement for quite a long time to be fully prepared and reassured that we are ready to face a new challenge. Finally, we can proudly state that iteo joined the nopCommerce community as a Gold Solution Partner. This partnership along with 4 certified developers confirms that we meet professional standards, providing expertise and knowledge in nopCommerce solutions.

Every gold partner has a close relationship with both the nopCommerce community and other partners. It helps us expand acquired knowledge and transfer it to serve our clients even better by creating end-to-end, scalable e-commerce solutions.

How did it all start? 

Before we share some insights about the platform and the collaboration itself, we would like to take you on a trip in a time machine!

Iteo members have a habit of connecting competencies and passions of different teams into one complete whole – and that’s basically what started our e-commerce journey.

As a custom development software house, we had a chance to work on mobile apps for the biggest e-commerce players on the market. While realizing the projects, we were getting more and more interested and inspired by the newly discovered e-commerce reality and we felt that it is something worth digging into. 

In the meantime, our company was joined by Grzegorz (frontend team leader) and Kasia (UX designer) who have worked with e-commerce products on a daily basis in their previous projects. It happened naturally that e-commerce topics were coming up nearly all the time while grabbing an online morning coffee.

Having heard that, our CEO has already known what steps we needed to take. We joined our strong technical skills in .NET technologies with e-commerce business knowledge and started to look for a proper partner on the market. After thorough research and discussions, we decided that the best way for us to move forward was to join the nopCommerce community.

Taking a closer look at the solution 

nopCommerce is an open-source e-commerce platform based on ASP.NET Core that has been evolving on the market since 2008. Each of the 250,000 members of the vibrant community gives valuable input to the product each year which makes it abreast of current trends and market needs. The system is highly scalable and secure with a well-developed extensions marketplace and a strong partner’s network from all around the world.

It has earned the trust of over 60,000 store owners worldwide with renowned clients like: Volvo Cars, BMW, Turkish Airlines, Lee Jeans, and Celine Dion.

nopCommerce platform enables us to create effective e-commerce websites with user-friendly, eye-catching themes, and with an option of unlimited extensions required by a particular business.

What does nopCommerce offer? 

nopCommerce offers powerful out-of-the-box features for effective B2C and B2B sales. The basic configuration of the shop enables broad and intuitive products, orders, content, and client management. It also provides reports and statistics.

There are over 1,500 plugins – developed by the partners and the community – that can be quickly implemented to the website. We can use: payment modules, user interface & widgets, shipping & delivery, marketing & sales, administration, customer management, and security.

What is more, the system’s extendable and well-structured architecture allows us to broaden and customize it according to the client’s needs without interfering with the core architecture.

What will the outcome be? 

Our goal now is to use the full potential of capabilities offered by nopCommerce and combine it with our experience and knowledge to build effective and scalable e-commerce solutions. Our dedicated e-commerce team is able to develop new features and plugins for any shop to serve our customers even better. If you are interested in launching your e-store or you want a new start with an existing one, just drop us a line and join the journey!