Nov 21, 2019, Consulting, Design

When You Shouldn’t Invest in Product Workshops?

Magdalena Brzuska UX Team Leader
Product Workshops are a unique part of our product design offer at iteo. We put a lot of effort to prepare and evolve them so the client and ourselves can be fully satisfied with the results. We work hard to achieve the final output in the form of a product prototype and a documented vision of what’s next. But is it always worth it to invest in this method of work? Let’s find out.

If you still don’t know what our Product Workshops are – it’s the initiation of the product creation process. It helps us find out what client expectations and requirements are. It is also a great way to work on a project idea, as well as map out its potential and viability.

There are two parts of Product Workshops – meetings with the client and the internal work of our team. During the ladder, we examine many aspects of the product. We focus on business goals, functionalities, technology, UX and more. In general, it’s a complex process that we originally developed based on our experience.

Why do we even care about Product Workshops?

We see a unique value in product creation that is supported by a workshop. Our goal is to develop the whole product together with our client, not only deliver it. That’s why we pay close attention to every detail from the first stages of creation until the final stages of maintenance.

There are many reasons why we organize Product Workshops:

  • digging deeper into the market that our client wants to conquer, its target audience and business idea

  • making sure the idea will be profitable and that the project is feasible – and if not, suggesting relevant changes

  • preparing a crafted, detailed offer and estimation with a couple of options to choose from

  • showcasing a comprehensive sample of the product that will allow the client to test his idea first-hand

  • more effective work while developing the final product because of all insights outworked during a workshop.

What’s in it for you?

There are advantages of Product Workshops for both sides. First of all, we can meet each other face to face which makes cooperation much easier and more effective. More detailed cost estimation is a plus, as well – that step would be much less precise with only a general outline of the client’s idea.

After the workshop, we build a draft of the product’s backlog and create a prototype. The goal is to make these much more detailed and closer to the client’s idea than it would be without going through the workshop process.

Overall, thanks to Product Workshops we can understand and verify the idea of the product quickly and deliver better results during further works.

When Product Workshops are not useful?

Although we recommend workshops to most of our clients (because of the benefits presented above), and also, we adjust our offer to each client depending on his custom needs, there are a couple of situations when there is no need to invest in them. These are:

  • When the product is small and simple

Let’s take a look at the scope. Even if your idea seems like something really small (“come on, those are five screens!”), remember that there is always logic we need to put behind it. However, if there is a possibility to use it from existing solutions, experiences, samples, etc., we will let you know. There is no need to work on a reproducible product so hard. That would be a waste of time and resources for both sides.

  • When the client is still at the stage of process creation for their product

We can be your partner in creating the entire product from scratch including external complementary processes, but this requires something a little more complex than standard Product Workshop offer. If you decide to create or change processes that will rule the product’s logic on your own, you should put product workshops on the back burner until those are done. Otherwise, there is a huge risk of major changes that can influence the project (cost, timeline and final output)

  • When the client has very detailed documentation for their product

There are definitely very well prepared clients, and you may be one of them. Before we enter the product workshop process, we ask you to present all existing materials concerning your project. If you would like us to strictly deliver your vision (not to develop it with our help) and you have everything that is required (detailed tech documentation, prototype, etc.) – no need to cover more. We can plan kickoff meetings in order to dispel any doubts and get to work.

  • When the client is interested only in the redesign (UI) of their application

If there is nothing you would like to change when it comes to how your product works and the thing you are looking for is skillful team to make your product’s visual layer pop more or revamped – we have a better solution for you than an entire Product Workshop process (let us know what you have in mind!)

  • When all you need is a simple website

Don’t get us wrong – designing a well thought-through corporate or product website can be a challenge that requires a wider design process. However, if the only thing you need is a short landing page, our team can help you achieve your goals with much less engagement from both sides.

You most probably get the idea by now – we are honest about our process. The Product Workshop part is not for everyone, although it is definitely worthy for most of our clients. What’s important is that now your project might not require a workshop but who knows – it might change if you decide to level it up to a more advanced idea. Think about your product and your business needs to find out if investing in Product Workshops can be profitable for you. And if you’re still wondering – don’t hesitate to contact us and ask. We will gladly advise you on that matter and answer any other questions regarding our future work together.