Jan 18, 2021, Consulting, Design

Why do we use briefings before workshops?

Ewa Zielina UX Designer

The main goal of every type of workshop is to do the job – which means using the solutions that will provide the most effective work. That’s why we use a briefing before the workshop. You don’t know what a briefing is and why it’s useful? You’re in a good place. Below, we explain what it is exactly and why it is so important.

What does briefing exactly mean?

A briefing is a simple document with questions about your project. We always send it before we start working on your product. Your answers help us understand your vision, business, idea, and of course your clients better. Your response is important in order to make the most out of a workshop. Also, it helps prepare the whole team for a meeting. 

What should a good briefing consist of?

We know that our clients don’t have too much time so we put some extra care to create an essential document that won’t waste their time. The clue is to craft a few neaty questions that would provide the most accurate answers possible.

In a briefing you will find questions aiming your company and workshop challenge. Depending on the type of a workshop, we will be touching upon topics concerning a brand, a product, possible challenges, and more. 

Each subject will require more details and information. For example, the challenges part has to be provided with information about the main purpose of a product, who is the targeted end user, what can be the risk, what is the potential success, and much more. Generally, we ask you about concepts, business requirements and interactions with users.

Who should answer the questions?

Answers should be given by a person with the required knowledge. What does it look like in practice? It happens that the document is filled in by a few people. For example, different parts can be filled in by particular employees responsible for a specific field in the company.

When you are answering, try to do it in a short and condensed form. Short answers will make a document more useful in worksop preparation. Our team and also a client’s team can refer back to a document and read chosen sections. It makes the workshop more effective.

What value does briefing give to the team? 

Some advantages of the briefing are:

  • a whole team can be introduced to given answers
  • a team can be better prepared to a workshop 
  • we can ask about something more before a workshop/during a kickoff
  • we can prepare a better workshop plan
  • we can use it during a workshop

This can surprise you! 

Now you know what a briefing is, why we use it and what value it gives to the whole process. But what’s in there for you? Good question!

Imagine the first scenario. You are supposed to participate in a workshop with your company’s representation. Before the meeting you weren’t able to get enough information. You know only that we will be having a workshop to create a digital product. On the first day of a meeting, everything will surprise you because you didn’t get any information on what topics will be discussed and how deeply. You feel that you know the answers but during the meeting you don’t have enough time to unscramble.

Imagine the second scenario. Some time before a workshop you get a briefing document. You have enough time to think about the answers. You’ll answer some questions yourself but others will require contacting the team. What it changes?

  • your team will be introduced to the topics that will be touched upon during a workshop
  • you can discuss some aspects with your team before a workshop begins
  • you will have some time to think through the answers
  • you are more comfortable during a workshop (because you know a little bit more about what will be discussed) 

Summing up

A good briefing before a workshop helps both sides. It has a really good impact on a workshop process, as well. That is the reason why we strongly recommend you to find a little bit of time to focus on the answers. 

You need more information? Read our Workshops sections or contact our team.