Nov 28, 2019, Consulting

Why You Should Outsource Your Next IT Project?

Aleksandra Trachim Content Marketing Manager
Looking for someone to develop your next IT product? It might be tempting to hire an internal team of specialists for your business. You will always have them in place and the process will be under your constant control. Well, we believe that outsourcing is often a much better solution.

Here’s a couple of arguments, why you should outsource instead of hiring your own IT department to develop a website or an app. Collaborating with an external digital agency like iteo can bring you more benefits than you can imagine.

Money, money, money

Cost efficiency is the biggest benefit of them all when it comes to outsourcing. You might ask – how is that even possible?

If you hire your own IT department, you need to pay their salaries, you have to give them office space and provide hardware and software. That’s a lot of money. Outsource and you will save some of it to invest and grow your business.

Not to mention you need a big team of specialists to build a single product. Developers, designers, testers – hiring them all will take a huge chunk of your budget.

But if you outsource you will have access to:

Huge specialists pool

All these people are in one place when you outsource your project to a seasoned dev house. You will also get a project manager and if your product evolves along the way – other specialists that have skills and experience in different technologies.

Digital agencies hire developers from different areas of expertise. You don’t have to worry that your product will be stuck because your own team doesn’t know different programming languages that are required to solve a problem or to create a new feature.

That gives you another benefit – flexibility. Whatever your website or app needs at the moment, a dev house can just add new teammates that will bring more skills to the table.

About expertise. That’s another benefit of outsourcing. Your digital agency of choice has…

Diversified experience

If a digital agency doesn’t exist since yesterday, they have probably worked with dozens (if not hundreds) of clients. They polished their knowledge and skills doing all kinds of projects for many different industries, having in mind a plethora of business needs and expectations.

They might not be familiar with your particular business niche. But a dev house knows how to work with a client, no matter where they come from.

Onboarding a new IT department will take a huge amount of time, downsize your resources and only frustrate you. Better outsource the job to a digital agency like iteo. You know what else will be much easier?

Time management

Your dedicated project team, composed especially for you by a dev house, consists of at least a couple of people. And they all can do their jobs at the same time. Some pieces of the website or app can be done simultaneously, there is no need to wait until one part is done to start another.

Here’s another outsourcing hack – if you hire a digital agency that is in a different time zone, they will work while you sleep. They will literally solve problems and provide solutions “overnight”.

Also, you don’t have to worry that the “IT guy” you hired to develop something for your business is overflowed with work because all your employees suddenly need help with their computers. Outsource the project and you will get a purposeful team to focus on it.

It will give you something else that you will highly appreciate in the long run.


Every step of the way you will get technical and factual support.

In the beginning, you will discuss your idea with the team to determine what exactly you can achieve together. You might invest in a Proof of Concept or Minimal Viable Product solution if you want to. At iteo, we also offer Product Workshops so we can work together with the client to get the best results.

With a digital agency, you can always discuss what tech support will look like and sign a contract to get their help if something is wrong with the product. Another chance to take advantage of their experience.



As you can see, outsourcing can be highly beneficial for your business. We always recommend outsourcing IT projects to a seasoned dev house. At iteo, we’ve completed over 230 projects with clients from various industries around the world. Developing applications and other digital products is what we live and breathe. If you have something in mind and want to discuss your business needs – let us know. We’re here to help.