Hi, future teammate

We work with awesome people

We are a well-knit team of individuals with a common goal – making all of our products innovative, appealing, fully efficient, and having fun bringing them to life.

We build our company on trust and reputation. We’re open, respectful, and believe that proper engagement is key to completing even the most demanding projects.

Why should you join iteo?

  • icon image Non-corporate atmosphere
  • icon image Culture based on honesty
  • icon image Flexible contract options
  • icon image Independent teams
  • icon image High level of competence
  • icon image Combining remote & office work
  • icon image Knowledge sharing
  • icon image Flexible working hours
  • icon image Best available equipment for you to use
  • icon image Benefit systems: health care, sport card and life insurance
  • icon image Holiday & time off guaranteed
  • icon image Time and budget for personal development
iteo team office
iteo team

What can you expect in the recruitment process?

  • 1


    We verify your experience, know-how, and skills. If they fit our assumptions, we give you a call.
  • 2


    We present iteo, you present yourself – it’s a mutual check if we’re a perfect fit.
  • 3


    We introduce you with our technological stack and verify your technical skills.
  • 4


    You tell us if it clicked and you’ll be eager to join our team. We do the same.
  • 5


    We complete all the necessary formalities – there’s a bit of paperwork to be done on your side.
  • 6


    You’re shown around the office, introduced to the team, fully equipped, and ready for the fun staff.

Check if you’re a match!

  • Other Katowice, Warszawa, Bielsko-Biała, Gdańsk, Toruń, Remote link arrow
  • Other Katowice, Warszawa, Bielsko-Biała, Gdańsk, Toruń, Remote link arrow
  • QA Engineer Poznań, Katowice, Warszawa, Bielsko-Biała, Gdańsk, Toruń, Remote link arrow



Software Engineers

They’re fierce, accurate, focused on detail, invincible, and effective, making their best to develop software solutions with a perfect performance. It seems that there’s nothing they can’t do – try to prove us wrong!


QA Engineers

Can you imagine a software product without their thorough glance? They’re a bunch of really stubborn bug busters with proper tools, experience, and hardiness that make them undefeated. Not a single error stands a chance.


Product Designers

We’re always so proud of our designs – they’re modern, functional, fun, and oh so pretty. And it’s all thanks to our talented Design team which excels in both UX and UI, sugarcoating every project with marvelous art and usefulness.


Business Consultants

They keep their feet on the ground, working for our clients’ advantage – meticulous Business Analysts and tenacious Product Managers are the silent heroes of a product’s success. They analyze your business plan at the very get-go and lead you unscathed through every hurdle. 


Operation Team

Helpful and open Sales people, unrivaled HR experts that hire our best employees, outstanding marketing team, internal technical support, finance and administration depts – they’re all the foundation that keeps our company safe and sound.

Our team says

At iteo we focus on people which can be seen in our everyday work. We care about the quality and pace of the projects, but the relations and atmosphere are our priority. It’s a place you can talk about anything and clarify any issue. I am glad that my career started here, because it’s one of the best places to launch.
For me, the most important values in iteo are the atmosphere and the level of programming. People are open and always ready to help. Thanks to many interesting projects we never get bored. It’s a perfect place to start a career and put down your roots.
Being iteo’s designer, I have an opportunity to create products for the most renowned brands in the world. In my case, designing is not only work but also a passion which I am able to develop and realize together with the experienced iteo team.
iteo is not just a place to work at – it’s a supportive community of extraordinary and super skilled people that makes you proud to be a part of it. Evolving, making progress and creating amazing, high quality software is our daily basis.
My colleagues are consistently superb experts in their field. They are willing to support, challenge and work together to ensure that iteo remains a leader in its field. I am proud that I can be part of such a great team.

People are our strength

Vast competencies, elasticity, and conscientiousness

It doesn’t matter if we work with startups or large enterprises – every project is a challenge we eagerly face. Our team consists of experienced business analysts, certified developers, talented UX and UI designers, and skilled Project Managers. They all do their best to develop our clients’ visions and transform them into a wholesome product with beautiful interface and powerful performance.

The power of mutual respect

We value and support world-view diversity, human rights, tolerance and mutual respect. Each of us is different but together we create a solid #iteoteam always looking for common ground. We keep it honest and always seek for effective and respectful communication.

Our values



We operate as one team, respecting each other’s needs, feelings, boundaries and diversity.
We call each other by our names and we all subject to the same rules no matter our function within the company. We have the courage to give and receive feedback. We earn the trust of our customers by being honest and keeping our commitments

technical competences


Continuous improvement and development are embedded in the DNA of our company. We learn from our mistakes and draw conclusions. We are courageous and not afraid of challenges. We are not happy with what is good, we strive for the best.



We approach tasks with enthusiasm and curiosity. We create good energy and share it with others. We make a difference by proposing solutions. We focus on understanding rather than pushing our point.



We anticipate and consider the consequences of our decisions. We care about the business efficiency of our operations and work environment. We put etical business above profit. We engage in environmental and socially responsible actions.