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We will guide you through the process of moving your business to cloud considering every aspect of the transition – research, planning, purchasing, development, execution, operation, and maintenance. Cooperation with the market security leaders allows us to offer complex services to cover all your development, cloud and security needs.

In the present world information means everything

It has to be available at the blink of an eye and transformable

As traditional methods are not good enough anymore, our quickly changing world requires a new way to deal with information. Time-consuming process planning, development and implementation are the ghosts of the past. Now, new functionality has to be provided within hours or even minutes. It can’t be done without a new, ground-breaking concept achieved by utilizing the power of public cloud computing platforms.

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We gladly share our extensive knowledge, understanding and experience 

It’s the key to successfully design and implement cloud computing services. With many years of work and tens of qualified professionals, we can help any company in reaping the benefits of cloud computing:

  • Business and IT Agility

  • Flexibility

  • Cost savings

  • Security

  • Mobility

  • Simplification of IT architecture and management

  • Operational resilience

Technologies we excel in

Microsoft Azure

Choosing Azure can be beneficial for both startups and enterprise customers. They can rely on the cloud’s security, flexibility, and maturity, already trusted by many serious players in the game.


Google Cloud Platform

Apart from a set of management tools, Google Cloud Platform provides a series of modular cloud services including infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and serverless computing environments.


Amazon Web Services

AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. Millions of customers, from the fastest-growing startups to largest enterprises and government agencies, are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.


Customer’s review

iteo offered creativity and strong project management. They delivered each phase of the project on time and within budget.
iteo team demonstrated a lot of care to make sure things were done right. They seemed to have a vester interest in making this product great, even though they don’thave any equity in the company.
I’m glad I have a partner in iteo that is able to complete the project seamlessly from concept, through development, to product launch.

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