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We support startups and enterprises in creating bespoke digital strategies and software products to help them meet industry and customers requirements. We provide end-to-end-solutions - from product consultation to SLA and maintenance.


We deliver web and mobile startup software solutions that help brands take off, grow and develop accordingly to market and customers requirements. Products created in iteo helped gain competitive advantage, drive innovations, ensure reliability and efficiency with increasing value for customers. We guarantee support of strategic processes and long term goals. We deliver software services that match complex matrix environments and integrate within existing IT infrastructure.

what to expect

  1. Product consulting

    We will discuss your idea across and within to make sure it has undeniable value for your potential customers.
  2. Full-stack development

    We offer the full package of development services: project management, UX and UI design, programming, and maintenance.
  3. Agile approach

    MVPs, Lean product and constant iterations to create digital product in the most efficient way meeting actual business goals
  4. Team scalability and adjustment

    Grow your team as your business expands and offer your product on additional platforms when necessary.
  5. High availability and performance

    Every big company needs tools that work fast and can be accessed at any place and any time.
  6. Security and Scalability

    Safety of your data is the highest priority, as well as possibility to grow your product along with your business.
  7. Cloud technology

    Get storage space for huge amounts of data that you need to collect and process.
  8. Established QA processes

    Combined services of automated and manual testing allow us to deliver products that meet the highest standards of quality and availability.
  9. Support
    & maintenance

    Our post development services include maintenance, SLA and further development to scale up vertically and horizontally.

our services

Product Design
We create award-winning design appreciated by critics and end-users. We offer a full spectrum of UX and UI services, including User Research, Product Workshops, Prototyping, Web & Applications design, Branding, Animations, and more.
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Web development
We provide full-stack web development services. We have a proven record of successful software project development in logistics, e-commerce, travel, real-estates, oil & gas, and power generation. For more information see our backend services and frontend services.
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Mobile development
We create award-winning mobile applications. Our products reach no 1 in AppStore and GooglePlay. Our expertise includes iOS development, Android development and Cross-platform development using Flutter and React Native.
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Product consulting
We specialize in conceptual workshops, product workshops, and technology stack assessments following best practises and proven software development processes. We create personas, user paths and map the most important features. The outcome is a full preview of the software we will produce for you.
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Quality assurance
We deliver proven digital products. We daily compare the results with the predicted outcome you wish to achieve. We offer a selection of manual and automated testing or a blend of both types which is best practise to produce dependable software products.
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Offshore teams
We offer a full-stack dedicated team, complementing certain skills and adding more manpower for ongoing projects. Besides cost efficiency and experienced crew, you get top-end communication and project management. Our inhouse-only senior developers work with proven technologies, methodologies, and tools.
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why custom software


Business processes powered by software solutions

Our expertise is a crutch for key business processes like Sales, Marketing and Accounting in enterprise applications. We have built software supporting storage and logistics processes for a multinational oil and gas corporation, a tax application for Big Four company, and mobile applications for a parcel locker company. Our team’s strong business background and consulting expertise allows us to get the most of your idea before the actual software development process starts.


Best practises and established processes

Our 9 year expertise supports startups in creating successful products. The curated process includes best practices and top standards in software development, your full code ownership, weekly demos, clickable prototypes, daily reports in Jira, dedicated Slack channels, dedicated Project Manager, established QA process, only in house analysts, software engineers, and designers matched with your technical requirements and market segment specifics.

choice of technologies

Popular open-source frameworks used for cloud applications, IoT and other innovative projects.
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JavaScript library for building user interfaces that make the app work, and look sharp and advanced.
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Native mobile
With native solutions for both Android and iOS you can be sure that your product will achieve high quality.
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One of the top cross-platform development frameworks that offers robust performance and stunning UI widgets.
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our portfolio

how we work

  1. 1
    Consulting - ideation & strategy

    Our comprehensive product strategy consulting addresses business, technical and visual aspects of creating digital products.

    Our business analysts start with finding out what customers' goals are and where the product is on its life cycle curve. We gather all the existing product briefs and technical documentation that will allow us to select appropriate technology stack, plan infrastructure, and create UX/UI design. Our business related services include UX Audit and Product Workshops.

    The technical and development layer and all requirements gathered during Technology stack assessment are matched with possible solutions most appropriate for the customer's business model. Analysis includes future development scenarios, expected integrations, API and backend demands, cloud technologies, scalability, and more.

    Conceptual workshops are a starting point to create consistent product design that matches corporate brand book and looks good on targeted devices. Additional animations and microinteractions will make users engaged and entertained.

  2. 2
    Project set up

    We start with selecting and onboarding a dedicated team of designers, developers, testers, scrum masters, and project managers. Your crew is chosen carefully with competences matching your technology and business sector. Our inhouse web and mobile development team consists of certified .NET engineers, React.js and mobile applications developers. We have strong expertise in geolocation services, payment integrations, application security, and working in complex enterprise infrastructure.

    Then we create backlog and user stories. We list all the tasks needed to be done according to the best agile development practices and create a Jira backlog. At this stage, there are also testing scenarios defined in order to deliver a top-quality level for the backend prototype which is available for a customer 24/7 testing on a staging server

    We set project architecture. Determining backend and mobile app structure is crucial for application performance, optimization, integrations, implementing future changes, and maintenance.

  3. 3
    Product Design

    Our award-winning and critics appreciated interfaces are functional, user friendly and strongly embedded in technical possibilities. The excellent user experience we deliver and the overall visual feeling of the web or mobile app is what makes customers love big brands even more.

  4. 4
    Web and/or mobile development with automatic tests and CI

    We follow best practices while delivering digital product development services like test-driven development, live weekly product demos, collective code ownership, continuous integration, code reviews, and refactoring. This results in delivering reliable, stable and easy to maintain software products. We deliver robust applications following Agile methodologies. We perform recurring (mostly weekly) iterations to make sure everything goes as planned.

  5. 5
    Quality assurance, code reviews & deployment

    Automatic tests, manual testing, and code reviews are performed to ensure your product works according to user stories, looks good on every screen resolution, and brings positive experience to the user.

    After final testing, it is time for deployment. We offer full support to launch your software product live, including infrastructure and technical support.

  6. 6
    SLA and maintenance

    In order to make a digital product ever-green, it requires regular maintenance, library updates, and adjusting to changing market requirements and customer’s needs. We are happy to deliver maintenance and SLA on hours package contract or ad hoc.

  7. 7
    Complementary services and scaling up

    Whether we are working on delivering mobile or web applications, we are able to flexibly adjust vertically and horizontally to enterprise customer’s needs. We are able to adjust the team size to current needs as well as offer complementary services like cloud technologies, artificial intelligence or corporate processes automation with Voicebots.


  • InPost

    We haven't experienced a single problem from their side with the timeline or scope. Their quick reaction time has been a critical strength we've highly valued

    Rafał Brzoska
    Rafał Brzoska InPost - CEO & Founder
  • Split

    Iteo performed very well. They were very responsive and met all of our deadlines. They even kept me in check. It was great.

    Alexander Stone
    Alexander Stone Split - CEO & Founder
  • Shell

    We value their willingness to face challenges. They are smart people who are willing to help their clients.

    Mateusz Juraszek
    Mateusz Juraszek Shell - Head of Software

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