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Advanced custom e-commerce
software solutions

We deliver solutions for leaders in digital sales. We create custom web stores and complement mobile applications with perfect design and advanced performance. Our e-commerce solutions include a perfect match of out-of-the-box features with possibility of custom looks, integrations, and plug-ins. This approach allows to build online stores quicker and more efficiently adjusting them closely to client's needs.


We offer a tool that is simple and easy to implement but at the same time gives you unlimited opportunities to expand its functionalities. We build a custom responsive web applications that fulfill complex requirements when it comes to online sales. We meet the requirements of providing a secure, scalable, and extensible e-commerce platform that allows you to focus on the core of your business.

what to expect

  1. Quick results

    Easy and fast to implement basic version of the shop
  2. Modularity

    Ability to add new modules and functionalities
  3. Flexibility

    Building from scratch or migration of existing e-commerce solution
  4. Customisation

    Custom plugins and integrations
  5. Beautiful design

    Custom UI store design and looks
  6. Optimised UX

    Custom user flow and paths
  7. Dedicated team

    Experienced team of designers and developers
  8. Additional services

    Complementary services and solutions
  9. Community

    A big community that offers support

why eCommerce software


Dedicated team

We all know that first glance at the website matters! With our UI specialists on board you can be sure that your e-store will be catchy, interactive and memorable. More importantly, with our experienced ecommerce UX designers you will jointly create a user flow that will ease customer journey within your store and lead your customer straight to purchasing process. Our qualified and certified developers along with a business analyst and dedicated project manager will turn your ideas and specific requirements into an up-and-running, scalable store with custom looks and functionalities.


A perfect match of custom and out-of-the box

Our e-commerce solution might be a first choice option for fast growing businesses that wish to develop their platform quickly and effectively, but reserve an option for going big and complex in the future. It is sufficient to start your business with functionalities that are available out of the box, e.g. product management, sales admin panel or SEO optimization. Advanced functionalities like payments, shipping methods, ERP system, and other integrations might be selected according to your business needs.

choice of technologies

.NET Core
Popular open-source frameworks used for cloud applications, IoT and other innovative projects.
Read more
One of the top cross-platform development frameworks that offers robust performance and stunning UI widgets.
Read more
UX Design
One of the essential factors that will influence your customers’ feelings towards your web or mobile app.
Read more
UI Design
We create interfaces that support the simple usage of the features offered by the app. Everything has to be highly functional and pixel-perfect at the same time.
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extensive features

Set up your custom shop with extensive features

  1. Custom user flow and design

    Fast development process
    comparing to native solutions which
    helps to save time and money
  2. Custom features and integrations

    A shop crafted to your needs and existing infrastructure
  3. RWD & SEO

    Mobile friendly frontend optimised for search engines
  4. Multiple stores and vendors

    Multiple stores and merchants management from a single admin panel
  5. Multiple currencies and languages

    300+ languages and currencies of a choice support
  6. Multiple payments options

    50+ payment gateways support for a shop full flexibility


  • Itaka

    Iteo has good quality software development processes in place and what differentiate them from others is good understanding of business needs.

    Arkadiusz Olchawa
    Arkadiusz Olchawa Itaka - CIO
  • Lellek

    Iteo has been our technological partner since 2013. Till now we have successfully implemented mobile apps, corporate web portal and voicebot in phone channel.

    Grzegorz Lellek
    Grzegorz Lellek Lellek - CEO & Owner
  • Shell

    We value their willingness to face challenges. They are smart people who are willing to help their clients.

    Mateusz Juraszek
    Mateusz Juraszek Shell - Head of Software

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