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Mobile development

You may get lost in the labyrinth of today’s mobile app development tech. That’s why we’re here to match a specific framework and the most suitable processes with the requirements of your business. Using adequate technologies lets us deliver a solution – Android, iOS, or hybrid – translated into the best results and adjusted to your budget.

Tailor-made mobile apps for your brand

You can leave home without keys or a wallet, but not without a smartphone

Today, being present and adjusted to the mobile channel is a must. We create mobile applications as a core or an extension to your business. Our applications are used to book hotels, order cosmetics, pay bills, or manage parcels. We offer services dedicated for both enterprises and startups.

Our developed projects

Main services

Android Development

Smartphones using the Android operating system hold an 87 percent share of the global market and the trend is expected to increase over the forthcoming years.


iOS Development

iOS is second of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world, but it’s users are the biggest spenders when it comes to paid applications and in-app purchases.


Flutter Development

Flutter is one of our favorite technologies. It’s great if you want to test your mobile app on multiple markets and need to do it fast. If you are introducing a completely new service, investing in a cross-platform app is a much better choice than going native.


What can we offer as a mobile development company?


Extensive expertise in mobile development, constant training and qualifications improvement.


Only in-house, dedicated mobile team devoted to your project and ready to answer your concerns.


Possibility to scale our team vertically and horizontally according to your business needs.


Proven record of case studies and success stories (our apps as no. 1s in Google Play and App Store).


Ability to work in a complex and fast-changing environment with stable foundations.


We’re a dependable business partner whose priority is your company’s well-being.


Mobile development team members

  • 1 Project Manager

    responsible for process optimization and flawless communication between a client and developers.

  • 2 Software Architect

    makes high-end software design decisions, communicates with a business owner and software development team.

  • 3 UX Designer

    creates positive user experiences, so every person that uses the product can do it seamlessly, without obstacles or hard processes to learn.

  • 4 Product Designer

    builds user interfaces that connect people with software, making everything functional and put in context.

  • 5 Mobile Developers

    build custom mobile applications for Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS using Swift, Kotlin and Flutter technologies.

  • 6 API & Backend Developers

    take care of databases and other internal processes, building the internal part of the product.

  • 7 Quality Assurance Specialist

    establishes testing procedures, writes testing scenarios, performs manual and automatic tests.


The contract was executed honestly, with due diligence, and within the allotted time. The quality guarantee and technical support was carried out professionally and in accordance with the contract.
A consistently reliable partner, iteo is a strong company which delivers skilful products. We haven’t experienced a single problem from their side with the timeline or scope.
iteo team was very engaged and dedicated to helping us meet our goals. Even when working on strict timelines, they always delivered without sacrificing the quality of the deliverables.
iteo team demonstrated a lot of care to make sure things were done right. They seemed to have a vester interest in making this product great, even though they don’thave any equity in the company.
iteo offered creativity and strong project management. They delivered each phase of the project on time and within budget.

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