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When building a mobile app or other digital product, the budget is one of the most important factors you take into consideration. Hiring offshore developers is a common practice in the world of IT. It can be highly beneficial for your project and the whole business, so we're all in!


Why is offshore better than local?

Due to the currency exchange rates, as well as the cost of living differences, going offshore seems justified to gain professional services for a little bit less money. Developers in Poland are educated, experienced and open-minded. You don’t have to sacrifice anything, but you get great service and effective collaboration. Offshore is definitely worth trying.


The benefits of offshore development

You might be worried about time differences, but that’s actually an advantage - many things are going to be done while you sleep. Besides the mentioned cost efficiency and experienced team, you get top-end communication and project management. Offshore developers have excellent proficiency in English and work with the best methodologies like Agile and Scrum.


Different types of offshore development

Outsourcing developers from offshore countries comes in many shapes and forms. You can hire the whole team but you can also complement the existing IT department you have by getting an experienced developer from an established software house. This way you get the skills and knowledge you need for the challenging task you can’t solve.

Who might benefit from offshore


Companies that are located in countries with expensive software development services - no matter if you are a startup or an enterprise. If you want to save some resources and receive an excellent web or mobile product, you should definitely try an offshore development.

6 advantages of offshore

  1. Frugality

    Offshore development is cheaper but it doesn’t give up quality.
  2. Flexibility

    Your outsourced team will be responsive to changing conditions in the project.
  3. Accessibility

    Work with the newest technologies and create a perfect team.
  4. Responsibility

    Focus on other business goals and let the team do their job for you.
  5. Swiftness

    Your product will be developed faster avoiding aberrations and inadequacies.
  6. Quality

    Additional qualified team member can provide the highest quality of a product.

our portfolio

  • InPost


    Modern systems delivered for globally-recognized Polish logistics corporation.

  • Deloitte


    Tax application used by major financial institutions in Europe.

  • Shell


    Platform for FMCG supplies management among Asia’s flagship gas stations.


  • InPost

    We haven't experienced a single problem from their side with the timeline or scope. Their quick reaction time has been a critical strength we've highly valued

    Rafał Brzoska
    Rafał Brzoska InPost - CEO & Founder
  • Deloitte

    Iteo’s competence and commitment allowed us to create application of a very high standard.

    Ernest Frankowski
    Ernest Frankowski Deloitte - Director
  • Shell

    We value their willingness to face challenges. They are smart people who are willing to help their clients.

    Mateusz Juraszek
    Mateusz Juraszek Shell - Head of Software

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