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Communication through speech is one of the basic interactions in our lives. Providing contact with a service or brand using a smartphone, without queues and delays, has become a standard customer requirement. The availability of services and information, without the need for physical presence, is the basis for effective companies and businesses. In order to meet these expectations iteo created a custom software that uses a voice interface to communicate with people through natural speech - a voicebot.


Processes optimisation and automation

The use of voicebots enables solving many consumer affairs simultaneously, increasing scalability and service availability while optimizing costs. A virtual consultant will relieve your employees of repetitive phonecalls. It is ready to serve your customers 24 hours a day, efficiently, without interruptions and always at its maximum. Using voicebot allows us to scale the number of customers served according to your business needs.

what to expect

  1. Key business processes support

    Automation of repetitive processes in call center channel
  2. Brand alignment

    Bot is adjusted according to your brands personality and voice
  3. Custom integrations

    Integrate with existing call center solutions, CRM systems and databases
  4. Ongoing optimisation

    Continuous learning process according to responses accuracy and corporate KPIs
  5. Workshops

    Deep analysis on potential to automate and optimise key business processes
  6. Analysis & Reports

    Create a data-driven decision making model based on AI

why choose voicebot


Supported processes and industries

Voicebots might be used to automate most of the repetitive processes in call centers. Debt collection, booking, customer service, identification, and verification are the most popular processes suitable for such automation. A virtual assistant collects data, informs clients and performs procedures while making and receiving phone calls in accordance with the set schedule and conversation scenario.

We offer predefined voice bots to support key processes for specific industries like: e-commerce, banking & insurance, gas & power retail, automotive. However easy implementation, custom integrations and quick ROI make voicebots a good choice for any industry with a focus on cost-effectiveness and efficiency.


Quality and availability assurance

In the telephone channel, customers expect the call-center service to be fully available, not queued, and to be able to handle their request effectively. Interviews should be natural but standardized. Hellobot delivers a constant level of competence and courtesy. A 100% compliance with provided scenarios and schedules allows effective completion of service and sales procedures. Continuous learning and Artificial intelligence makes voicebot a self-trained and super productive virtual employee. It will provide a conversational experience as comfortable, and in most of the cases more enjoyable, than communication with a human.

6 advantages of
voicebot solution

  1. Customer experience

    Conversation is always carried out according to the required standard
  2. 24/7 availability

    Receive and make calls at any scheduled time, frequency and 24/7
  3. Scalability

    Increase the number of working bots and supported processes, ad hoc
  4. Cost optimization

    Up To 70% cost optimization of the employer
  5. Competitive advantage

    Innovate and gain cost & quality advantage
  6. Quality of service

    100% productivity, quality and no errors


  • Lellek

    Iteo has been our technological partner since 2013. Till now we have successfully implemented mobile apps, corporate web portal and voicebot in phone channel.

    Grzegorz Lellek
    Grzegorz Lellek Lellek - CEO & Owner

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