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The service is addressed to businesses that already have an IT team but their specialists can’t cover all the processes needed. With team extensions you don’t waste time on hiring new employees – you get your skilled developer almost right away.

Does your current team lack a particular skill?

Hiring a specialist to do one project or even one task doesn’t make any sense

That’s why it’s better to use team extension services. This way, you can work with a seasoned software house developer for a certain period of time and develop a desired product. Such a person will be at your disposal until the work is finished. Here’s a list of option you might choose from.

Clients who benefited from our team extension

Areas we can support you with

  • 1

    Web development

    Creating responsive, pixel-perfect projects to promote your products and services.
  • 2

    Mobile development

    High-quality Android, iOS, or hybrid solutions translated into great results.
  • 3

    QA & testing

    Various quality assurance solutions tailored to specific needs and expectations.
  • 4

    UX/UI design

    Animations, illustration, branding, amazing effects, or plain minimalism? We can do them all.
  • 5

    Cloud & DevOps

    We have expertise in different cloud-based services using our knowledge in varied areas of development.
  • 6

    Enterprise software

    Supporting enterprise clients in identifying and meeting their industry and customers needs.

Why use team enhancement?


Budget control

It takes a lot of time and effort to find a new employee, recruit them and then go through the whole onboarding process 

And if you need an IT expert just for one project, there’s no need to pay them a constant salary. It will be more efficient for your company budget to extend your team with a developer from an external source.



When you start a web or app development project, you never know how it will change over time 

At one point you might realize that your team doesn’t have a dev that knows a particular programming language or framework that is necessary to complete a task. That’s what team extension is all about. You can supplement your squad with a valuable addition.


Quality guarantee

Extending a team with a developer from an experienced software house means getting quality work and great skills 

We work with people who have years of experience and were a part of many advanced, international projects, and we gladly share them with our clients. You can count on 100% of their capabilities.

Additional advantages


Save some money by hiring a developer from another company.


Onboard your new experienced dev and start working at once.


You can hire more than one person or change them according to your needs.


Our developers know how to work on a software project the right way.


A product will be developed exactly to your needs and expectations.


You’ll have our full, constant assistance throughout the whole process.

Customer’s review

A consistently reliable partner, iteo is a strong company which delivers skilful products. We haven’t experienced a single problem from their side with the timeline or scope.

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