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If you run a successful offline business, going online is a natural step forward. Digitizing your brand opens countless possibilities: reaching thousands of new clients, growing sales, entering new markets, and expanding the range of products or services. We can help you along the way by offering comprehensive software development services applying the most innovative technologies.

Take your business to the next level

Become a leader in your niche with a custom software solution

Being digital gives you a whole range of new opportunities. It makes your business stand out from the competition, shows your clients that you take a special interest in their needs, provides them with a perfect user experience, improves your scalability potential, and gives you a set of dedicated tools to boost the effectiveness of your business processes.

Clients who went digital with our help

What does digital transformation actually mean?

Some time ago we still kept most of our business records on paper. Now, it’s almost unimaginable to work without computers and cloud based products that help us get organized.

Yet, digital transformation is far more than that. It’s a way of using modern hi-tech technologies to create a completely new business model, turning all or most of a company’s processes from analogue to digital and building new, wholly revolutionized ones.

Why? It’s main goal is boosting the organization’s performance and providing a better customer experience – maintaining the competitiveness on the market and meeting your clients’ needs and wishes.

Business areas affected by the process of digitization

  • 1


    Although the process eventually leads to lowering the costs, first we have to invest a certain amount of money to make it all happen.
  • 2


    Digital transformation requires a strong leadership and induces implementing new roles inside the organization.
  • 3


    Optimizing most of the inner processes and applying an agile approach may lead to replacing or adapting some of the roles in the organization.
  • 4


    The change may have a considerable impact on both a flag product vision and the corporate culture within the company.
  • 5


    You may need to rethink the business strategy you’ve undertaken. Even proven processes may work differently in a digital world.
  • 6


    Digitization will impact your relations with clients, improving their experience with your brand but also requiring a change in habits.

Why go digital?

What actual profits will the digitization come with? Here are some pretty good reasons why it’s worth all the effort and fuss.

Boost in CX

Contemporary customers have a magnitude of choices and experiences while using online services. If the journey is unsuccessful and tedious, they simply switch to a better solution. No compunction there. A professional, efficient and intuitive software tool might prevent a company from a bitter stepback. It’s essential to take care of the customer service, too. Investing in customized chatbots and voicebots might help.

Knowing your customer better

If you want to provide customers with exactly what they want and need, you have to put some effort into getting to know them on a deeper level. What are their purchase patterns and motivations? What influences their behaviour? What enhances and discourages them as clients? Using data intelligence is crucial in analyzing all the useful information about your customers and goes as far as even predicting their future desires.

Root of employees empowerment

Right digital tools may have a positive impact on employees morale making their work easier, more efficient, and scalable. Reduced amount of administrative, repetitive tasks can prevent them from getting bored or tired and enhance an overall job experience. A tailored CRM, collaboration tools, centralized file storing, sharing real-time information across departments, and automation of some processes builds up to a better teamwork, making the company more innovative and appealing for future workers.

A significant hike up in productivity

Automation and digital collaboration can effectively accelerate business processes within a company. Letting the intelligent software take over may essentially reduce the time spent on particular tasks. What used to take hours, can be now limited to minutes or even seconds.

How can we help?

Strategic Assessment & Business Architecture Consulting

Processing the information and paving the way for a successful digitization

At this stage, we will need to examine your business to acquire as much information as you can provide, either in the process of an interview or workshops with your team. At the same time our Business Consultant prepares an individual in-depth research.

Knowing that we need to adjust the solution to your current operations, we’re aware of potential limitations – established processes, technological departments, design, habits, etc. As in this case we don’t build from scratch, we’re faced with an expanded, already existing structure and have to create a highly compatible software solution. 

Charter Canvas Design

An effective way of creating a UX design process based on a user-centered approach – analysing both a user and a company’s chief business goals.

Value Case

Mapping the values of joint project members in a comprehensive manner in order to align your business objectives and reach an accepted investment decision.

Stakeholder Analysis

Identifying and understanding your stakeholders’ needs and expectations, with all the intricacies that may influence a project’s successful development.

Resource Analysis

A valuable insight into a company’s resources and capabilities identifying its strengths and weaknesses and verifying its potential competitive advantage.

Risk Mitigation

In-depth research and analysis prevents you from taking the wrong step. If your business plan isn’t complete or fitted to your objectives, there’s still time for a fix.

High Level Business Requirements

Getting your business requirements straight before launching the process of product development and making sure they’re understood by every team involved.

Complete Business Architecture Package

A general description of a target product with a clear identification of its goal, functionality, critical processes, and active elements, along with their co-interactions.

Complete Process Architecture Package

A preview of all potential business processes carried by an organization to provide its customers with a proper product or service and avoid potential wastes or mistakes.

Prioritization Checkpoint

If you decide to move forward with the process of digitization, this is the stage when your vision gets crystallized

At this point, we enunciate your project’s final business requirements, scope, KPIs, requested capabilities, and develop the As-Is and To-Be process maps. We use them to get to know your business process’ current state and be able to model an improved future one.

Conceptual Solution Architecture

The last step to finalizing your idea – substantive and technical support

As soon as the prioritization checkpoint is over, we’re ready to dig a little deeper and create a conceptual solution document which includes:

  • Proposed High level Conceptual Architecture

  • Solution Alternates

  • Assumptions

  • Risk & Mitigation plan


Learn more about our work assumptions and get a contract proposal


Send us your Request for Information and have a thorough Q&A with our Sales team. You’ll get more materials, consulting agreement, order drafts, and a contract proposal. 


We sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your confidential commercial and financial information like customer databases, plans, strategies, and more.

BA, UX, technical analysis, audit, and workshops

Meeting our Business and Product Consultant to plan a successful development

The process of analysis, audit, and workshops allows us to come up with proper documentation including logical solution architecture, a prototype, valid assumptions, a risk mitigation plan, an estimation, a timeline, and a team sizing.

Agreement processing

The last step before we finally take off

You’re presented with an offer, and after the agreement is thoroughly reviewed and consulted, we finalize the purchase and hand over all the necessary papers.


Going live!

Testing’s over. Now, it’s time for the final deployment

We’re there for you during the process of launching your software live, taking care of the infrastructure and any technical issues. 

Change management

Keeping your software product up-to-date and adjusting it to your newest requirements.

Creating a Technical Design Document (TDD)

Technical design

First, we establish every little detail of the entire design process or its particular parts, including the interface, data structures, class models, algorithms, etc.

Application impact list

Then, we create a list of factors that can have a negative impact on an app’s performance – thus we’re aware of possible shortcomings and able to avoid them.

Revise Assumptions

Any assumptions you may come up with during the process of planning the expansion have to be revised before the launch of design and implementation.

Revised Risk & Mitigation Plan

Process of developing a risk reduction plan – tracking any risk exposure, identifying new hazards, and evaluating the effectiveness of the mitigation process.

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