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Fast-track audit

Who are we?

Exceptional times call for exceptional measures

iteo is a software consulting & engineering company that helps businesses benefit from technology better

We have +11 years of experience on the market and +200 people onboard. Our portfolio covers projects from all over the world, including InPost, Rossmann, ITAKA, Deloitte, Kia, Shell, and more.

We offer free software consulting services

We offer shortened Discovery Phase (Fast-track audit) to help you understand the stage of your project’s development and, if needed, flawlessly change your current provider.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Projects lifecycle/stage evaluation

  • Business and technical objectives verification

  • Expected vs. delivered (committed to repository) scope alignment

  • UX & UI Audit

  • Product architecture view

  • Source Code review

  • Lists of external services and libraries used

  • Integrations lists

  • Risks identification

What can you expect?

Our cooperation will result in:
  • Quick and adequate projects assessment

  • Projects’ recommendations

  • Possible scenarios delivery

  • Action plan creation


Phases of cooperation


At this stage, we get acquainted with the product, exchange information with the client and define the scope of the audit. We also sign an NDA to guarantee the full safety of your code.

  1. First, you provide the product (web/mobile application or product mock-ups) along with the source code, access to planning tools, business assumptions, and anything that might help us evaluate the project’s state.

  2. We get to know it and make a preliminary analysis.

  3. You receive a short survey regarding the project.

  4. We organize a teleconference to discuss potential doubts and clarify the scope of the audit.

It is particularly important for us to find out the product’s business assumptions and the addressed target group, as it will help us to adequately evaluate the product and identify errors.

Fast-track audit

After the initial research, depending on the stage of the project, the product is subjected to performance, reliability, security and usability analysis. It involves the detection of vulnerabilities and functional errors in a deployed or soon-to-be deployed software. We also assess code style, integrations and areas that require improvements. If the product is in the initial stage or requires further development, we estimate the number of needed hours and competences to deliver an MVP or full scope.

Processing the analysis results

The end result of the process is a summary of the analysis and the establishment of possible solutions. Depending on the business goals identified by the client, the recommendations might include steps necessary to finish MVP, deliver required functionalities or deploy a fully functional product to production. We provide a justification, appropriate recommendations, estimations and required resources for each of possible options.