Our custom web stores and modern m-commerce mobile apps are a perfect blend of flawless design and robust performance. We know that eCommerce needs to sell. That’s why we’re a business partner that supports you in achieving the best possible results.

We understand the challenges facing retailers today

Our services include everything from modern mobile apps to complex retail systems that streamline operations and increase sales.

We understand the challenges facing retailers today, and we’re dedicated to providing solutions that are both user-friendly and highly effective. Whether you’re looking to improve your online presence, optimize your supply chain, or enhance your customer experience, we have the expertise and technology to help you achieve your goals.

eCommerce that succeeded with our help

Retail solutions for growth

Retail success in the digital age is about more than just having an online presence – it’s about delivering a seamless, omnichannel experience to customers that keeps them coming back for more.

Business evaluation & consulting

Want to evaluate your existing store or consult your business idea? We can help with both.

Existing store


We’ll audit it thoroughly, establish its business position and potential flaws. As soon as we get to the bottom of the problem, we suggest a further development path. It’s usually necessary to run proper workshops – they help choose an adequate technology, functionality range, as well as the most profitable business solution.


Starting anew


First, we need to validate your business strategy. If you know the product you want to sell, it’s easier for us to select the most appropriate technology. We offer high standard business analysis and workshops to determine a field of focus and lead you carefully through the process of development.


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A usable app to increase your sales

We’re experts in developing mobile solutions, knowing both the industry and the ecommerce ecosystem. It allows us to place a mobile application within a specific business and create a full-fledged tool coherent with chosen sales tools.

We know that mobile is king 

That’s why we excel in this source of ecommerce communication, having experience in many diverse mobile solutions. We’re aware of the functionalities that make the app sell and attract potential buyers. Use our knowledge and expertise – we’ll be happy to help you succeed.

Why use our eCommerce software services?

  • 1

    Quick results

    Easy and fast implementation of the basic version of the shop.
  • 2


    Building from scratch or migration of existing e-commerce solution.
  • 3


    Plugins and integrations adjusted to your business needs.
  • 4

    Top-quality design

    Custom and beautiful design coherent with your company’s branding.
  • 5

    Optimized UX

    Research-driven user flows and paths providing the best UX.
  • 6

    Dedicated team

    Experienced group of designers and developers at your constant service.

Tools we use

We use varied hi-tech platforms that allow us to apply a vast range of functionalities adjustable to our clients’ needs.

Client’s review

I’m glad I have a partner in iteo that is able to complete the project seamlessly from concept, through development, to product launch.

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