Gdańsk Insider

Sightseeing & mobility done smart in the Infoshare Hackathon winning Gdańsk Insider app. A perfect parking and travel solution for tourists who move around the city they don’t know. Want to check how it works? Scroll down for our short presentation see for yourself!

Innovative solution for tourist optimization

We took a realistic approach to the problem.

We created a product that is easy to use and covers not only the parking and smart mobility aspects but wider automatization of traveling in a new city.

It’s ready to be tested, focusing highly on driver’s comfort and safety.

A problem that needed to be tackled

Tourists often don’t know the area they’re planning to stay at.

Finding touristic areas near a hotel or rent apartment requires some manual research. Then, tourists usually take their car to one particular landmark and try to find the closest car park. That results in increased traffic and overloaded city parkings which also impacts the local citizens living in these areas.


Crucial info in a single click

Our app allows you to find touristic areas nearby in one click by turning on your GPS or browse the in the app. Each touristic area includes a short description and the list of landmarks. Gdańsk Insider provides crucial info about parking zones and spots in the selected areas — broke down to costs, payment options, time frames, etc.

New level of comfort

Once you arrive and the parking spot you picked, our app is going to ask you did you find a spot to leave your car at. By choosing YES your car location has been already saved and a little reminder regarding paid parking zone shows up so you don’t forget to pay for it (and avoid a ticket).

New level of safety

It requires minimal user input to find a parking spot and automatically guides you to the next available option if you didn’t find one in selected area.


It’s just a start

The MVP is already on the table, but we’re still thinking about enhancing the app with further functionalities:

Improved planning features

A user will be able to find one or several potential parkings closest to necessary spot simply by entering the address. Thus, they can plan a trip easily and cover all the organizational elements in a couple of clicks.

Integration with public and alternative means of transport

No need for multiple apps to check each option separately – all pins/locations are here – in one place. 
Easy to find, easy to use.

In-app payments

Not only have them all in one place, but also pay in one place. As simple as that.


Flutter solutions

The Gdansk Insider app was created with Flutter, a cross-platform solution that allows apps to be developed simultaneously for Android and iOS platforms using the Dart language.

Most of the app’s functionality is focused on the map, which meant that most of the tasks were based mainly on working with Google API. Entire project is maintained in the Clean Architecture, which allows to separate it into 3 independent layers – presentation, data and domain. All the action is contained on two map views, allowing the user to experience a remarkable fluidity between the actions performed in the application.


Magic behind the process of finding a spot

From the map view level, the user has the option to navigate using the Google Maps application.

When arriving at the location, our application, using geofence technology, recognizes that the device is in the vicinity of the target spot and sends a local notification.

It allows the user to switch back to the app, specifically to a screen where the they have the option to confirm finding the parking spot or to navigate to the nearest parking.