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With a foundation in building mobile apps and custom software solutions, we’ve evolved by adapting to industry trends and meeting client demands. Join us to bring your start-up vision to life with our innovative and tailored development expertise.

Fresh and Innovative

Fresh perspectives and innovative solutions for your tech needs

As a start-up owner you probably strive to create an environment that aligns with your entrepreneurial spirit and desire for innovation. That’s why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to work with people who love cutting-edge technologies and want to have a direct impact on the company’s success. Build your product and team with people who share the same values.

Speed up your digital product launch

We are more than proud to present you to a team of excellent mobile developers who can bring a huge value to your product.

They are driven by the desire for innovation, flexibility, need for growth, and constant development. Just like your start-up.

About us

Meet the team that has been developing their high-tech skills over the past year under the guidance of our experts.
Since I graduated from the iteo academy I have completed my first commercial project for the start-up Get Care Today. I learned concepts such as clean architecture, asynchronicity and effective team planning. I overcame many challenges, including processing various health data. This project strengthened my skills and prepared me for future assignments.
Hey, I’m Patryk, I graduated from iteo academy a year ago, and then I ended up in the Get Care Today project where I was in charge of logging and user customization of the application. I configured CI/CD in the project and worked on UI and bugfixes. This project taught me how important it is to have access to environments to configure data correctly, and the importance of medical data security issues.
I’m Filip, I’ve been working at iteo for over a year. I have collaborated on several interesting projects, including Just Park, our in-house application for managing the parking zone at the office, and Smart Mobility, an application that was recognized at the Infoshare technology conference. Smart Mobility combines moving around Gdansk with interesting tourist sites. Outside of work, I am passionate about tennis and swimming.
I’m Patrick, and I spent last year on InnerWeb project. I work mostly on developing new functionalities, crash reporting and patches. I’m particularly interested in geolocation using iBeacon. I use Kotlin, RxJava and the MVI pattern. I am also helping with the Kotlin Multiplatform libraries project for navigation, processing data and creating a test application.

Pros of hiring our junior devs

  • 1

    Fresh perspective

    Their creativity and willingness to experiment can bring new perspectives and innovative solutions.
  • 2

    Energy and commitment

    Acting with passion, they are ready to take on any challenge and do whatever it takes to make the project a success.
  • 3

    Lower rates

    This is a great option for projects with a limited budget, where you don’t have to invest a lot of money while getting good quality work.
  • 4

    Practical experience

    Despite being young in the market, our Junior Developers have already had the opportunity to work on commercial projects.
  • 5

    Business oriented

    As our juniors already have practical experience in real business scenarios, they are prepared for the challenges they may face.
  • 6

    Motivation to learn

    Thanks to their motivation, they are ready to constantly evolve and keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

Frequently asked questions

  • Are your startup developers supervised? arrow

    Of course! When you start to work with our junior developers you get not only a person who codes, but also an expert who supervises and checks the quality of the code. In case of any more complex technical issue we also provide expertise of other experts regarding not only coding, but also architecture, business analysis, UX or UI.

  • Do I have to commit for a longer period of time? arrow

    No, you don’t. We can start with a month or even 2-weeks long trial to see if you are satisfied with outcome of our work. If not, you don’t have to extend the contract.


  • What are the savings? How much does it cost to hire junior developer from iteo? arrow

    We are sure our junior developers are well trained, but as they don’t have experience of regular devs, we can offer rates even lower than 50% of the regular price.

    The price depends on time, technology and quantity of the devs that you would like to work with. We’re ready to prepare an offer that is going to fit your budget!

    Let us prepare an offer for you! submit

About our academy

Selection process

During the summer of 2022, we organized a 3-month internship for a carefully selected group of students from local universities. The recruitment process consisted of a series of tasks to test creativity, logical thinking skills, and insights into the market of new technologies. We chose 15 of the best students and ave them 3 months off fully paid training with the possibility to get hired for the best graduates.

Lectures and labs

Over the 3 months of the academy, students had the opportunity to work in project teams consisting of experienced developers, business analysts, UX and UI designers, software testers and architects. The project work was interspersed with workshop sessions, which were aimed at gaining a better understanding and appreciation of the specific work of the various departments that engage in software development.

Practise and development

Within 3 months, each of the 3 teams completed their first project under the guidance of our experts. The mobile application projects are now implemented and function within iteo as internal tools for managing company parking, employee benefits and equipment inventory.

Immediately after completing the internship program, the young programmers joined experienced developers working on commercial projects. This allowed them to put their skills into practice, gaining their first experience working with businesses.

Let us help you grow!