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What is a Design System and why your marketing needs it.

During our webinar we’ll talk about both the means and advantages of a design system that can support you in everyday work. You’ll get to know our tips and tricks and be able to dig deeper into the topic. We’ll help you deal with problems such as:
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    Social media images taking too long to prepare
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    Incoherent brand identity
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    Spending too much money on everyday designs

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    Meet our hosts

    Katarzyna Ochocka

    Dominik Nowakowski

    Focused on Product and Motion Design, with over 6 years of experience. Company’s pioneer in incorporating design systems, having done lots of them himself. A fan of Figma novelties and a dedicated tutor to the rest of the team on how to use them wisely. Always thinking outside the box and striving to use design systems in a number of non-standard ways.

    Real life cases



    A social media generator for InPost and a promotional banners generator for InPost Fresh. Multitude of configuration options concerning a background color, images placing and size, inserting dozens of additional texts, offers, and a banner’s size. All adjusted to people unfamiliar with a design system tool.



    A dedicated social media posts generator which simplifies the process of creating designs. It allows the Lellek team to choose the graphics’ style, title, caption, pictures, different key visual layouts, and colors. The posts can also be generated based on the topic: general, job offer, event, special offer, or cooperation.



    Reusable and adjustable set of graphic assets for building and developing different types of sales presentation slides without a designer’s help. Marketing team is able to seamlessly adapt a presentation to individual business requirements without losing the coherence of the company’s brand identity.

    Your gains


    Saving time & money during project work


    Maintaining consistency in all graphic materials


    Facilitated management of branding elements


    Thorough design system know-how


    Avoiding most common design system pitfalls


    Collaborative real-time work between employees

    Main topics

    The webinar will cover:

    • Workflow of a typical marketing person
    • Brand identity – goals vs. reality
    • Creating your own graphics without a designer’s help
    • Design system – what it is and how it works
    • A variety of marketing projects that the topic concerns
    • Design system presentation and real-life examples
    • Advantages of having your own design system
    • Who should create a design system and how
    • Possible traps to look out for
    • Q&A session