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product design & development


Workshops & strategy

The goal is to engage you in the development process before the actual coding starts.

We aim to challenge your vision and see if it is viable, feasible and desirable. Together with our strategy, design and development experts, we’ll help you establish your digital strategy, level of UX and UI design as well as scope and development plan.


Human centric UX/UI design

Apart from being tech geeks, we are also crazy about design and usability.

We focus on custom made and human-centric design where details and experience speak for themselves. Even though we design and build complex applications interfaces, we still like to keep our design clean, clever, original, beautiful and polished.


Agile development

We follow agile development, using SCRUM methodology and its routines.

Each sprint consists of daily stand-ups, demo where we present a potentially shippable product increment and a retrospective. We want to keep the process as transparent as possible, therefore we provide you with access to Jira, Slack, GitHub, BaseCamp, and Jenkins. Throughout the duration of the development process we also run manual and automated QA tests to guarantee top notch quality of the code.

5 steps how we work

  1. 1
    Start from
  2. 2
  3. 3
    testing & iteration
  4. 4
    Shippable product
  5. 5

how can we help you?

  • People
  • Design
  • Development
  • Communication
  • Language
  • People

    Smart and experienced
    - work with professionals.

  • Design

    Clean and clever
    - always custom made!

  • Development

    Effective and fast - agile methodology, pair
    programming and CI.

  • Communication

    Direct and open - we are not afraid to share feedback
    and opinions.

  • Language

    All of our team members
    speak fluent English!

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