Brick Lane Bikes

The first all-track, fixed and vintage bikes store in the UK.


  • Scope UX/UI consulting, nopCommerce development, quality assurance
  • Timeframes May 2021 – July 2021
  • Technologies .NET Core
  • Business sector eCommerce
  • Model of collaboration Scrum / Agile
  • iteo team 5 x nopCommerce developers
    1 x UX designer
    2 x Quality Assurance engineers
    1 x Project Manager

Significant UX boost and complex shipment feature implementation bringing the store to the next level of convenience.


  • 2021

    the beginning of collaboration UX/UI consulting

  • 2021

    development phase successful release

  • 2021

    adjustments, fixes, additional scope and changes

  • Project’s highlights

    A quick reaction in an urgent situation – we helped a profitable on-line store adjust to new regulations and raise its website’s effectiveness at the same time.


    Business needs & goals

    The client needed us to migrate their store from nopCommerce 4.0 to 4.4 version providing:

    • secure transition

    • basket process streamline

    • change of the payment provider

    • compliance with VAT requirements in accordance with the new regulations

    The project needed to be completed before the regulations came into effect, giving us less than two months for work.

    Apart from the above assumptions, there were some additional tasks regarding the website’s looks and styles as well as business logic such as shipping costs, etc.

    UX/UI design

    We audited the previous solution and discovered inconsistencies in different site flows. They were probably responsible for the large part of users’ drops, e.g. from the basket. We also indicated a few stylistic corrections.



    Although most of the implemented functionalities already existed on the previous version of the site, some of them required a more custom approach – plugin change, modification, or creating from scratch.

    Large amount of work focused on the business logistics responsible for shipping costs (implementation of several dozen rules) and automatic adjustment of VAT quote to a user’s country. It included customized rules dependent on a location, product category and website version.

    Additionally, we reflected some of the custom functionalities like:

    • stock sheet

    • individual payment options for a selected group of users

    • correct VAT performance


    Challenges & solutions

    The main challenge was the client’s strict deadline connected with VAT driven regulations in the EU. Fortunately, the cooperation went well and we delivered the product before the due date.

    Although we have faced many technical challenges while developing some of the most intuitive solutions, we managed to come up with clever alternatives. Additional challenge was lack of a source code from the previous provider.


    Quality assurance

    We handled a large number of complex test cases using a VPN. Our QA team managed to find bugs deriving from the quality of the previous provider. Apart from that, the website was exploratory tested and compared with its product version to make sure that the update was successful. We also verified its responsiveness.

    Customer’s review

    Thanks for engagement from dev and all the PM work. And as discussed this was a great piece of work!


    Our work resulted in a significant improvement of the store’s UX which made it more customer friendly and enhanced the overall purchase process. Thanks to the option of geolocalization, the site’s functions are always adjusted to a particular user depending on a home country. In comparison to earlier months, after the release the number of website’s visits increased by 110k – from 1,08 to 1,19 million.

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