Shortening the time spent on choosing the best deal with customer-friendly contract conclusions.


  • Scope Backend & frontend development, UX/UI, QA
  • Technologies Backend: ​​PHP 8.0, Symfony 5.2, Postgres 13.2, DocuSign, Google Cloud Platform, Docker

    Frontend: Twig, JavaScript, webpack, bootstrap, material-components-web library
  • Business sector Lifestyle
  • Model of collaboration Time & Material
  • Country France

We enhanced and speeded up the process of concluding contracts by limiting the number of contract conclusions, building up to a positive user experience.

Project’s highlights

The company proved that it understands and listens to its users’ needs. 


Well-defined, diversified and clear contract conclusion options streamlined the decision-making process and reduced the number of actions that needed to be taken in order to fulfill it.


Business needs & goals

Running a business focused on concluding contracts for selling loyalty cards, our client wanted to enhance the process and shorten the time a user spends on choosing the best deal.


After coming up with the most customer-friendly product idea adjusted to people with varied technical skills, our job was to prepare a dedicated solution that would enable convenient contract conclusions. The project had to be adapted to the company’s current style, so we needed to work according to the provided style guide.

Product Workshops

Overall gains:

  • Establishing the project’s main goals.

    It allowed us to focus only on a narrow area, not to waste time on the elements that wouldn’t influence the product’s success.

  • Exchanging and organizing knowledge acquired from different business, project, and resource areas.

    To standardize knowledge, streamline the communication, and reduce the risk of misunderstanding.

  • Understanding users’ and client’s current actions and determining new suggestions of paths.

    In order to adjust the project to most typical user scenarios aligned with previous solutions.

We also prepared low-fi mock-ups to structure the project and outline the shape of individual views, forms content, etc.


Challenges & solutions

The contract issue

After first tests on prototypes, it turned out that the large flexibility of contracts offered by Edenred withholds the users from moving on to the next step. They don’t know if the document should be signed electronically or generated electronically and sent via email. The interface offers many various choices with a similar process, different only in terms of the contract conclusion form.

Thus, the decision-making process has been simplified by asking a user if he has time for filling the form while browsing the website, or he’d rather download it, fill in later, and send by traditional mail. Only this form of question allowed a user to make a faster decision and move on to the next step. After filling in the form, the document is filled automatically with the entered information.

Apart from that, the contract conclusion has been moved to the last step – this way a user doesn’t need to make a decision before making an effort of filling the form which makes him more engaged. Additional advantage is saving time in case a user changes his mind and wants to sign the contract electronically instead of sending it by traditional mail.

Electronic signature

A contract is a Word document which is filled with the form data and can be signed electronically. We suggested a Polish solution Autenti, but the client preferred DocuSign because the company already uses it in its French division. We prepared some suggestions for solving the problem in several ways, analyzing the documentation.


We used Google Cloud Build and Google Cloud Run 

With their help, we could automatically launch the newest version of code and both a QA specialist and the client were able to test the application up to date.


The project involved a large amount of static code analysis 

PHP-CS-fixer, PHPStan, Psalm, and PHP Mess Detector took additional care of the highest quality of our code.

Quality Assurance

We started the testing process in the final phase of the project development, using provided documentation and mock-ups.

All doubts have been clarified abreast with both the team and the client.

We tested the site’s performance on different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari) and operating systems (Windows, MacOS). Mobile version was tested on both iOS and Android devices. We verified all the functionalities’ performance, focusing on correct display, responsiveness, forms, and proper integration with an external provider.


We appreciated the team’s professional approach and their elasticity. We’re happy to recommend iteo to businesses that need an expert in developing digital products.


During A/B tests of several different versions, we deduced that limiting the number of contract conclusion options speeds up the process and leaves a positive user experience.

Available options are well-defined and diversified which allows a convenient decision-making process by rejecting the choices incompatible with a user’s intentions. At the same time, it reduces the actions a user needs to cope with in the next steps.