An app that tracks users’ wellbeing, getting them closer to better health and test results.


  • Scope Flutter app development, Scrum Master
  • Technologies Flutter
  • Business sector Healthcare
  • Model of collaboration Body leasing
  • Country Poland

The application allows tracking users’ wellbeing, diet, and lifestyle in an easy and convenient manner, getting them closer to better health and test results.

Project’s highlights

The application is dedicated for people suffering from Hashimoto disease.

It allows its users to learn more about their medical condition, as well as control and monitor the course of illness. Developed programs help manage and reduce the symptoms, enhancing the patients’ standard of everyday living. 


Business needs & goals

Our client wanted to gather the most people suffering from the Hashimoto problem in one place and become a global leader on the market of patient monitoring in terms of this disease.

The company’s mission was to educate the app’s users and provide them with an approachable knowledge on the topic, including usable tips and advice. 


  • Tracking symptoms that can be entered into the system. The app allows choosing the most adequate help

  • Saving and analyzing a user’s well-being

  • Hydration monitoring

  • Medications intake monitoring

  • Charts that show a thorough data analysis

  • An interactive program that allows a user to gather information about the disease and check his or her knowledge

  • Support of experts in the field of dietetics and medicine

  • A user is able to order a specified diet


Challenges & solutions

  • Fully dynamic and interactive infographics. Whole configuration comes from the backend, and everything in the app is drawn dynamically

  • Google Play and App Store subscription

  • Dynamic charts closely adjusted to the app’s design


For now, there are over 25k beta-testers of the app and the audience is still growing.

The product is available both on Google Play and App Store, and was featured on TVN, Elle Magazine, MIT Sloan Review,  Sifted, Thrive, Wired, Wyborcza, WP, Puls Biznesu, Wysokie Obcasy and many more