App that enhances car purchase experience with a customer configuration panel on iPad.
kia case study back of the car


  • Scope UX/UI design, development
  • Technologies Objective-C, iOS iPad, PHP Symfony2
  • Business sector Automotive
  • Country Poland

The application empowers customer assistants to showcase their clients’ dream cars, revolutionizing the car buying experience.

Project’s highlights

Trusted by over 50 KIA showrooms across Poland, the app is an indispensable tool used on a daily basis.

We maintain a dynamic collaboration, continuously updating the solution to seamlessly integrate new car models, accessories, and pricing options as KIA expands its offerings.

Business needs & goals

KIA’s customer assistants present their clients with preferable cars and possibilities of their configurations. Since every showroom has only one display copy to use, preparing a potential offer takes much time and is unhandy for the employees. The process needed to be facilitated and possibly automated, making the results more appealing and comprehensive for the customers. 


We’ve created a simple, functional, and visually attractive application which allows a showroom customer assistant to conduct a car configuration preferably along with a client during a conversation inside a certain model.

All the potential alterations are seen on an iPad screen and the features can be adjusted abreast with customer’s suggestions and preferences. A potential buyer sees a KIA car in a perfectly fitted version with a desirable color, selected accessories, and gets a dedicated offer at the same time. 

App logo icon

We added a clever spin on the letter C. The idea was to achieve a clean and bold signet showing something valuable.

iOS app

The app can be conveniently used on iPads which is a functional and modern solution for both customer assistants and their clients.

A clear offer presentation

Creating a car configuration and then an adjusted offer is as simple and pleasant as it can be and takes less time. It brings the feeling of creating your dream car within a touch of a finger tip.

Contact details

Once a client chooses an interesting car model, a customer assistant can move on to the contact details section.

kia car on the road
car driver in kia case study


The application supports customer assistants in presenting dream cars to their future owners and is used every day in more than 50 KIA showrooms all over Poland. 

We have an ongoing cooperation updating the app whenever KIA presents a new model for sale or introduces additional accessories or prices.