Lellek Group

Beautiful visuals and useful tools for a coherent brand communication strategy.


  • Scope Key visual, logo refresh, branding, marketing materials, web development
  • Timeframes September 2021 – July 2022
  • Technologies Figma, Adobe CC, WordPress
  • Business sector Automotive
  • iteo Team 1 x UI designer
    1 x UX designer
    2 x WordPress developers
    1 x Project Manager

We provided the client with a modern, designer, and highly functional website, refreshing its professional image and guaranteeing a smooth offers management.


  • 2020/21
    September – January

    UX design

  • 2022
    January – May

    UI design

    January – June

    development phase


    UX design of the Admin panel

    May – June

    quality assurance


    going live

  • Project’s highlights

    Apart from the site’s modern design, we implemented solutions that support the addition of ads and a proper SEO optimization which resulted in higher Google ranks.


    Business needs & goals

    Lellek Group wanted its design to stand out, yet be easy to use by the marketing team. They needed a coherent business image, recognizable for customers who already knew the brand, but refreshed and in-line with the latest trends. 


    To make the website maximally functional, we needed to develop:

    • Offer configurations via the administration panel

    • Tool to adding new car offer

    • Integration to marketing analysis tools

    • Integration with OtoMoto & eRecruiter websites

    • Integration with Livechat, Thulium, Cookiebot, GTM, Yoast Premium and so on

    Admin panel

    A user can log in as:

    • An Admin who has access to all of the panel’s resources

    • A Salesperson who has access to limited resources (his own and his department’s)

    After logging in, a user can choose from a range of different functionalities, depending on his access. Some examples are:

    • The ‘Vehicle’ module enables viewing the list of vehicles with the possibility of filtering, sorting, adding new offers, duplicating, or removing an offer.

    • The ‘Add a vehicle’ (cars and tracks) module allows adding photos (multiupload, cropping, framing) and basic financial and vehicle history data. It’s the most extensive and important functionality in the Admin panel. Apart from the complete vehicle data, it allows instant export to Otomoto service with a single checkbox.

    • The ‘Departments’ module enables choosing a department, a salesperson, editing the details, etc.

    • The ‘Access’ module allows managing all the accesses in the panel


    Design details


    Lellek’s logo underwent a subtle refresh.

    We changed its typography and removed unnecessary elements, making it more up-to-date and future-proof. We also adjusted the newly designed version of the logo to the company’s different offers – car showrooms in various cities and diverse automotive brands.


    We distinguished three main brand colors.

    Carmine Red is Lellek’s accent color, as well as Black and White used interchangeably for typography or backgrounds.  Additionally, each car brand has its own leading color and the main pattern can be used in Dark Gray for a black background and Light Gray for a white one. 

    Key Visual

    The chief key visual pattern is a duplicated letter ‘L’ which can take different shapes depending on a format.


    Lellek’s main font is GT America.

    It’s used in all of the company’s marketing materials, both online and in print.

    Social media

    We prepared a set of exemplary images that can be used on social media.

    They are so universal that it’s easy to adapt them to different kinds of posts. Created background photos are both desktop and mobile friendly, as is the designed website. 

    Coherent communication

    We created a set of email layouts for internal and external communication.

    It included different visual headlines that can be used depending on the message a person wants to send. Every employee can also apply a dedicated footer in a preferred version – light or dark. 


    Apart from online marketing and communication tools, we prepared a visual identification for the company’s printables.

    We designed two versions of business cards (standard and premium), billboards, folders, t-shirts, letterhead, envelopes, and car stickers. 

    Social media generator

    We created a dedicated social media posts generator in Figma which simplifies the process of creating the graphics.

    The Lellek team can choose their style, title, caption, pictures, different key visual layouts, and colors. The posts can be also generated based on the topic: general, job offer, event, special offer, cooperation, etc.

    Check full design case study


    Full support

    We provided Lellek with our Figma account and files with editable elements.

    It allows them to easily create their own materials for social media and other marketing purposes, based on the worked-out key visual.  

    Additionally, we organized a workshop showing the marketing team how to use Figma properly. We audited their current works and indicated its flaws, suggesting what can be done better in the future. The client has our constant support, helping them to create their most essential assets. 

    Challenges & solutions

    The project’s main purpose was to create a responsive website that’ll become the company’s showcase and brand. However, in the course of the work, we decided that it’s not enough.

    The automotive industry sells 24/7. That’s why it needs a well functioning business processes automation when it comes to order management and adding ads. 

    To let the company maintain the position of leader and constantly evolve, we suggested that the panel should have an option of adding the cars in order to simplify and optimize the Lellek team’s work. We needed to find a tech solution that enables publishing the car ads on the site and exporting them to an external platform at the same time. 

    The module required additional engagement. We launched conceptual-workshop works with the client to be sure that we understood the topic in the same way. We also decided upon extending the scope without changing the deadline. 

    Another extremely crucial issue were external integrations.

    The website is integrated with several external platforms such as: LiveChat, Thulium, Google Tag Manager, and Google Analytics. All of these integrations influence the site’s performance – that’s why one of the largest challenges was achieving high performance results of the website both in the web and mobile version.

    External integrations have a substantial impact on the website’s performance which was noticeable after loading external scripts such as Livechat or Thuliu. We analyzed the situation well and suggested asynchronous script loading to enhance the website’s performance. The results were visible straight away. 



    Website’s advanced UX and UI added up to an outstanding final result.

    Beside a modern, designer website, the client was provided with an access to a functional panel that enables easy ads management. 

    One of the most crucial results is also an unrivaled image of a professional car dealer who takes care of both his clients and employees.