Unlocking the future of service marketplaces with a game-changing platform upgrade.


  • Scope Flutter development, QA
  • Country Poland
  • Business sector Utility
  • Timeframes October 2024 – ongoing
  • iteo Team 1 Project Manager
    1 Flutter Developer
    1 QA engineer

Oferteo is a leading marketplace that efficiently and effectively connects over a million service providers with potential clients. Its users can easily and freely submit inquiries to find the services and products they need. At the same time, suppliers and contractors effortlessly gain new clients.

Project’s highlights

Through strategic modularization and architectural finesse, we’ve enabled swift, bespoke enhancements that met evolving customer needs of our client’s solution.

The adoption of Clean Architecture and systematic organization of variables highly simplified updates and maintenance, broadening the platform’s market presence, and offering a seamless, enriched user experience across both mobile and web.

Business needs & goals

We set out to give the Oferteo project a bit of a makeover, breaking it down into modules that are easier to manage and can grow with the company.

We knew we had some hurdles to jump over, including inconsistent dependency management and a lack of a cohesive navigation layer. Our aim? To streamline processes, reduce redundancy, and build a stronger, more scalable app that’s ready for whatever comes next.




The project underwent a comprehensive overhaul, aimed at enhancing organization, modularity, and maintainability within the codebase. Key initiatives included:

  • Developing a core module that can be reused across seller and buyer apps, establishing their solid foundation.

  • A complete overhaul of the project’s structure to align with Clean Architecture, promoting cleaner, more scalable code.

  • The redesign of the entire routing mechanism using the go_router package for a more coherent navigation layer.

  • Systematizing color variables and dimensions to improve modifiability and reusability, thus facilitating smoother updates and ensuring consistency across applications.

  • Centralizing configuration data to streamline modifications and improve manageability.

  • Standardizing dependency management through the GetIt package, aiming for a more unified and efficient process.

  • Implementing minor adjustments to the WebView implementation to maintain functionality amidst these extensive changes.

  • These measures were directed towards creating a more robust, scalable, and manageable application framework.


Business value

Modular design

By dividing the application into independent modules (core, sellerapp, buyerapp), we’ve paved the way for more flexible development paths, allowing for tailored enhancements and quicker adjustments to customer needs.

Improved maintainability

Adopting Clean Architecture and systematizing variables and configurations significantly reduced the effort required for future updates and maintenance.

Enhanced scalability

The new structure facilitates easier expansion, ensuring the project can evolve to meet growing user demands and technological advancements without being hindered by its foundational architecture.

Increased market reach

With the updated application available on Play Store and Apple Store, the project’s market presence is enhanced, offering improved accessibility and user experience.


After over a month of dedicated work to revamp the architecture and incorporate Flutter + PWA, the team successfully released official versions of the Oferteo app for both service seekers and providers. These updates brought about key improvements and new features, such as deep link handling through Branch.io, enabling more effective promotion strategies and insights into user engagement. 

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