Multiple management apps to make camper traveling even more convenient and fun.


  • Scope Flutter development, UI design support, backend consultation
  • Timeframes April 2021 – ongoing
  • Technologies Flutter
  • Business sector Motion systems
  • Model of collaboration Time & Material
  • iteo Team 1 x Project Manger
    1 x Flutter developer
    1 x UI designer

Previewing the conditions of caravans live and managing the sensors through the Bluetooth connection with a user-friendly navigation system.


  • 2021

    taking over the project

  • 2022

    to be finished around summer 2023

  • Project’s highlights

    We have improved and created a few applications from our clients set – starting with the ones that will enhance the processes of work in the factories (hardware creation), along with the solutions applied directly into the caravans.


    Business needs & goals

    Setec’s business is based around the campers and making the travels as easy and comfortable as possible.


    For that purpose, the client has started developing a series of applications which, through the Bluetooth connection, enable an overview and management of the sensors (like gas bottles, temperature sensors, connection camper-trailer, etc.). 

    Main areas of interest are located in Australia and the US – due to the fact that more and more people are deciding to use the campers on a daily basis. 


    Thanks to the system Setec has created, travelers are able to preview the conditions of their caravans live, without having to constantly make breaks – so that the road and off-road trips are much easier to navigate and much more convenient for the users of the company’s products.

    Apart from improving the already existing features, we have added many new functionalities, e.g. a more user-friendly navigation throughout the application and control over some parts of the layout (user/device specific). 

    We’ve changed the connection library to a more stable working one, resolved some issues after the previous contractor, developed a few PoC applications and one for internal usage of our client (manufacturers process improvement).

    UI design

    • Multiple icons

    • Some of the views

    • Custom elements requested by the client


    Challenges & solutions

    Some of the most important aspects of the work, from the developers point of view, were keeping the connection with the Bluetooth peripheral in the background and the alerts (local notifications) on warning range. 

    The newest feature we are currently working on is direct pairing (device <-> phone) without using the connection based on the nodes the client provides.


    Multiple nuts-and-bolts applications make the camper journey more convenient, being a functional and friendly tool for users. 

    The project is still ongoing. We are working on developing other applications which should be finished around the end of 2023.

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