Platform for FMCG supplies management among Asia’s flagship gas stations.


  • Scope UX/UI design
  • Innovation Creating a completely new ecosystem for company’s needs.
  • Business sector Logistics
  • Model of collaboration We worked on the Dashboard according to the fixed price model managing our own tasks within the limits of the defined scope
  • Team 1 x UX designer
    1 x UI designer

Beautiful branding with dedicated icons and advertising materials aligned with a set of desktop and tablet friendly solutions used in diverse environments – offices, warehouses, and even moving trucks.


  • 2017

    Start of the work process


    Completed UX Phase

  • 2018

    End of work process

  • Project’s highlights

    We designed a set of 5 platforms for different kinds of end-users. While working closely with the client and taking into consideration their users inputs, we managed to deliver an intuitive and cohesive system that allows smooth flow of information.


    Business needs & goals

    The client needed our team to create an ecosystem for resources management which would allow ordering products by Shell stations more efficiently and conveniently.

    The goal of the project was to adjust the designed platforms to:

    • State of existing processes (offline)
    • Assumptions/regulations of new system (some behaviour regulations had to be implemented onto every site to achieve expected ecosystem effectiveness)
    • Cognitive and environmental capacities (the product was dedicated for developing countries


    We provided our client with professional UX and UI design for 4 web applications as part of the Connected Freight platform. The purpose of these solutions is to manage products’ portfolio on Shell stations, warehouse stock, couriers, routes, payments, promotions, and logistics of deliveries to Shell stations in Asia.

    • Supplier Platform
      Using the platform, suppliers are able to track orders easily. They have a convenient access to complete product information and customer records being able to manage them freely. It allows reviewing key performance indicators, changing price lists, creating and monitoring new promotions, as well as generating KPI reports.

    • Packaging station
      The station provides warehouse managers with a complete list of all orders that need to be packed. It makes the process of labeling available and unavailable products and updating key performance indicators much simpler and faster. The station allows generating reports and KPI monitoring, too.

    • Retailer Kiosk
      Retailer Kiosk platform maximally facilitates the product ordering process being a link between different suppliers and purchasers. Placing orders is as simple as online shopping. It also allows choosing delivery dates and monitoring its status abreast.

    • Corporate Panel
      A Corporate Panel allows Shell team members to manage all the operations that take place during the process: order approvals, tracking and monitoring retail store’s purchases, setting thresholds and automated actions. Thanks to an intuitive panel, a store manager is always up-to-date and won’t miss any operation.



    Creating a complete ecosystem for the company’s project was an innovation itself.

    We built a dependable, powerful, end-to-end shipment solution with
    varied digital services vital for simplifying the work flow and connecting different divisions: retailers, suppliers, and third-party logistic providers.

    The management of the whole process allows seamless supervision over ordering, dispatching, and fulfilling the deliveries.

    The system works flawlessly and supports the employees in their everyday tasks, guaranteeing security, cost efficiency, and convenience.

    Challenges & solutions

    First, we worked along with a client to evolve two trial project conceptions for the logo.

    After one of them was chosen, we started to build the rest of the components for the application’s user interface on tablets. The design wasn’t based on Shell’s branding – we worked it out from scratch. The main assumption was to build an intuitive, easy to use, transparent, logical, and coherent product with no unnecessary embellishments. Target users didn’t have expanded technical skills, so the elements had to be large and legible.

    Based on the first project, we expanded the second one with other web apps, still maintaining the previously worked out system.

    The process included numerous iterations, close collaboration with the client, and mutual understanding.

    The company was so pleased with the project that they asked us to prepare some marketing materials, too – large-format banners and posters promoting the product.


    Our contribution to the project in the form of advanced UX and UI design resulted in a useful, easy, and intuitive tool for Shell employees. The product is still in use and helps manage and orchestrate work of hundreds of people.