Mobile & web app trending as no. 1 in the US App Store Lifestyle category.


  • Scope UI/UX design, backend, frontend and iOS development
  • Innovation Applying Infrastructure as Code using Terraform
  • Technologies Mobile: ObjectiveC/Swift

    Frontend: React, HTML5, JS, CSS3, Redux, browser API

    Backend: Python, Django, AWS Services, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Celery, Terraform
  • Business sector Lifestyle
  • iteo Team 1 x Frontend developer
    3 x Backend developers
    2 x UX/UI designers
    3 x iOS developers
    1 x Web developer
    1 x Quality Assurance engineer

From the very get-go, we acted as a Product Owner and together with the client developed the concept of a space where link-sharing brings measurable profit.

Project’s highlights

We enhanced the application’s functionality by providing integration with over 20 external systems and developing extensions for Google Chrome and Safari. The final result is an app that connects link-sharing users with sellers and service providers that the links led to in a way that benefits both sides.


Business needs & goals

The goal was to create a platform that would enable sharing links and earning cashback without additional effort.

It was supposed to be easy to implement on a phone or into a browser, and a user’s job was only to share links and gain financial awards.

With time, the need was also to expand the solution and open it up for social media influencers. Thanks to its intuitiveness and simple functionality, they could be able to share their recommendation with their fans adjusting the referrals according to their needs and getting reports about which products are clicked and sold the most.

We offered to deliver an IOS application with a backend and an admin panel together with full new branding, investor deck, and marketing materials


The solution consists of Chrome and Firefox extensions,
 as well as an iOS application.

For shoppers

Customers can earn cashback automatically as they shop if they add the Split extension into their browser. It only takes two seconds and is extremely easy.
 If cashback is available, the extension will get it without the need of additional clicking, viewing popups, or any other effort. If a user shares a link with friends
 or family, they both earn cashbacks after a successful purchase.

For influencers

Social media influencers can recommend products to their followers. If they make a purchase, they both share the commission. They can choose from thousands of brands and online retailers, generating revenues from current
 or even older posts. The users get real time notifications about which links are being clicked, so they can verify their followers’ needs and likes. What’s more, even if links are clicked from one device and an item is bought from another, they still get paid. The influencers can use their own domain for affiliate links, too. Additionally, they get a free SplitPage they can link on their profile and use as a shoppable gallery. To use all these options, they just need to sign up and install Split’s apps or extensions on all used devices. Then, it’s only a matter of creating links and sharing them with their audience on a blog or social media. When followers buy a recommended item, the commission is equally shared.

Admin panel

The client can manage the application keeping the offer proposal, content, and statements evergreen. Admins can easily make immediately distributed changes without involving the technical team. The whole product management is thus convenient and flexible.

UX design

We translated the backlog inputs into a set of UX mockups and a clickable prototype.

After a series of iterations, adjustments,
and improvements, we were ready to move forward to the UI and development phase.

UI design

We worked out Split’s new logotype
corresponding with the platform’s idea and combined with its name, as well as a linear set 
of signs, using a fresh and unique color palette.

The design we created was stunning and enhanced repeatable usage – it was featured on Behance in Interaction category.

Close cooperation with the strategy and development team, allowed our UI designers to create scalable solutions – cost-effective in production and flexible for future adjustments.

The second stage of operations included refreshing its appearance, adding fun, quirky illustrations and implementing yet other useful functionalities. We’re still working hard on keeping the service accessible and easy to use.

In the long-term relationship, we, along with the Split’s Project Owner, developed the app like a living organism. It has evolved and shifted in order to meet the user’s needs and allow additional features.

Quality Assurance

The process of quality assurance started along with the development.

We performed unit and integration tests and incorporated layers for automated testing. After delivering the first features, we engaged the team
 of manual testers, too. They performed cross-functional testing in iOS application, backend, and admin panel.


Challenges & solutions

The main challenge was servicing the whole project.

Starting from mobile (iOS) and web applications, through API implementation in Django and accompanying microservices,
to configuration and infrastructure management.

We suggested moving the infrastructure to Amazon Web Services and applying the Infrastructure as Code approach.


One of the most crucial innovations was applying Infrastructure as Code – IaC using
the developing Terraform project.

Instead of configuring varied services manually, nearly all the changes are reflected in configuring files. It allows easy configuration audit and automatic remodeling or copying the infrastructure for tests. It also enables monitoring, browsing, and automatic implementation of changes in the infrastructure.

The solution was integrated with many AWS services including data basis, load balancing system, and name servers management that are integrated using powerful tools offered by Amazon Web Services. It allows delegating the tasks connected with servicing and monitoring the equipment and, on some level, also the software, to Amazon. AWS offers many services that guarantee stability and availability.


iteo team demonstrated a lot of care to make sure things were done right. They seemed to have a vester interest in making this product great, even though they don’thave any equity in the company.


We supported the client in the initial release of the application publishing it in the AppStore through all the future iterations of the product.

The outcome outreached our and client’s expectations displacing Instagram as a no. 1 in the US AppStore in Lifestyle category for a solid couple of weeks.

The collaboration is ongoing and we are constantly adding new features to the app.