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Transfollow & Viaservice

One portal to digitalise all transport operations + two functional websites.


  • Scope UX & UI design, project management, frontend development (portal), frontend & backend development (website), quality assurance
  • Technologies Frontend for the TransFollow portal: Angular

    Frontend for the TransFollow & Viaservice WWWs: in-house framework based on SiteOrigin page builder

    Backend for the TransFollow & Viaservice WWWs: WordPress
  • Business sector Transportation
  • Model of collaboration Time & Material
  • iteo Team 1 x UX Designer
    1 x UI Designer
    2 x Project Managers
    1 x QA Specialist
    2 x Frontend developers
    2 x WordPress developers

Transport-centered portal that allows managing transports in real-time & additional two business websites with a coherent design.


  • 2020

    start of work on the portal

  • 2021

    first works on the WWWs


    launch of the WWWs


    final adjustments and finished MVP version of the portal

  • Project’s highlights

    TransFollow Portal allows users to have access to all the transport-related data and status on one single digital interface as well as share information with drivers in real-time and update the freight documents instantly. It simplifies administration, reduces costs, streamlines transport operations and facilitates quality control to help perform more efficient transport operations.


    Business needs and goals

    One of our client’s goals was to improve an existing portal and build a convenient information exchange platform for logistics chains to make it more visible, cost effective and flexible. 

    Another purpose was creating two websites, TransFollow and Viaservice, that will successfully and efficiently present our client’s products and services. 


    Portal functionalities

    • Creating and managing transport orders

    • Sharing transport related information with partners and customers

    • Managing and dispatching missions to drivers and partners

    • Instant access to all digitally signed proof of deliveries (eCMR)

    • Real time alerts on all transport exceptions

    • Real-time visualization of status and details of ongoing operations

    • Availability of all transport documents in a unique and centralized repository

    Portal – Challenges & solutions

    • Creating GUI from scratch based on existing REST API in Angular 11

    • Custom integration with Google maps – creating custom markers, integration with Google Place API

    • Google Maps API quota – providing a custom caching mechanism

    • Dynamic handling of extensive forms

    • Multi Step forms

    • Handling transports with different levels of complexity

    • Digitalizing transport documents in a way that it will still be familiar to the doers but also easy to manage in the system

    • Creating a dashboard that will allow to preview a current transport situation and act upon it if needed



    We created two websites, TransFollow and Viaservice, with designs provided by the client, complemented and refreshed by our team. We provided additional custom functionalities to make the website friendlier and facilitate the process of finding a desired product. 


    The websites’ backend was based on WordPress. Their frontend used an original in-house framework created by our development team and based on the SiteOrigin page builder. It’s highly user friendly, allowing a quick and easy implementation of changes – our client’s team was able to use it after one short session of training. Additionally, both of the websites are reusable. If there’s a need to create a new page or section, it can be done effortlessly with prearranged components.


    Tests were performed based on documentation and mock-ups. We discussed all doubts and ambiguities abreastly with our team and client. Websites were verified on varied browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari) and different operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS). We checked all of the app’s functionalities, paying a significant attention to correct display and responsiveness of the websites.


    Working in a close collaboration with our client, we managed to create transport-centered TransFollow Portal that gave such advantages to the companies uses it:

    • A large reduction in paper use

    • Substantial less administrative burden

    • Real-time insight into a shipment

    • Time and cost savings

    And the websites that we developed showcase our Client’s company as well as the present TransFollow Portal features.