Warren Smith Ski Academy

Improved and modernized website for a convenient ski course order.


  • Scope web development, UI/UX design
  • Technologies WordPress with Gutenberg, WooCommerce
  • Business sector Sports
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Team 1 x UI Designer
    1 x Project Manager
    2 x Fullstack Developers

We transformed the website into a highly convenient tool for ordering ski courses. Its intelligent search engine is a basis for a simple and swift purchasing process.


  • 2021

    project launch

  • 2022

    first release

    March – October

    additional alterations


    second release

  • 2023
    Till now

    ongoing support and development

  • Business needs & goals

    Previous website had a poor search engine which was quite useless in terms of finding necessary information.


    The goal of our cooperation was to make it more accessible and intuitive as well as to simplify and speed up the purchasing process which will aim at collecting customer data. The client wanted to show the numerousness and popularity of available courses , presenting their ever growing library.



    Client’s perspective

    • Multi-level, intelligent search engine generated according to available courses which are displayed in the system and take place in the future

    • Multi-currency, option to pay in installments or deposit

    • Checkout form with a thorough information about a user to fit a course’s level accordingly to a particular trainee (date of birth, physical shape, advancement)

    • Subscription to the newsletter

    • Base of short tutorial videos

    • Optimization of plugins for integrating a page social media feeds

    • A course view presents a remaining number of available courses which shows their exact occupancy and is a sign for other customers that the offer is popular

    Admin’s perspective

    • A vast, flexible and safe option to edit a website using custom blocks

    • Preparing dedicated, automatically sent emails adjusted to particular courses, e.g. with a reminder about the upcoming date, additional information, or a related tutorial.

    • Editing the ski level displayed in the checkout


    UX/UI design

    We created the whole branding, identifying the colors and adjusting them to the brand.

    The site was rebuilt according to the new design and the developed functionalities. 

    Challenges & solutions

    We needed to adjust the forum plugin which was overburdening the website.

    It had to be updated and modified by the original provider without loading the scripts unnecessary on all pages. Final page speed amounted to more than 90 points.


    The website received positive feedback from its users and started generating orders from the very first day after the release.

    Now, it’s a living organism that works flawlessly and handles large traffic. We still support the client and develop the site with new features.