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At glance

End-to-end custom software consulting and engineering

iteo helps enterprises and SMEs succeed as modern digital businesses. We support organizations accross the globe to benefit from the technology disruption that results in commercial success, as well as sustainable and inclusive growth.

We leverage our +11 years experience to reveal the true potential of varied business models and drive digital transformation from within organizations.

Our services

Digital consulting

Starting with need or expected business outcome, we employ the full power of digital to meet your custom business goals.


Product leadership

End-to-end digital product ideation, design, engineering and growth within proven and awarded iteo process.


Software delivery

A wide range of a’la carte digital services. Pick and choose accordingly to your custom software development needs.


Your digital journey

Our collaborative approach to business, design and development, results in delivering the right experience to your customers.

We support you at every stage of your digital product life-cycle, unlocking the full potential of digital transformation for your organization. Deep customer, technology, operations, and market insights allow us to create exciting products and experiences with the twist of innovation and increased profitability through optimization.

What to expect

Experience-centered approach

We create experience-centered software products that address customer desires, allowing you to compete in today’s rapid-innovation environment.

Business x tech mindset

We combine our business and technology expertise to produce a highly performative product suited fully to your most essential business objectives.

Agile way of working

We perceive upcoming changes at the earliest stage and react accordingly and quickly, working with a flexible, innovative, and creative mindset to achieve your goal.


We’re accountable for maximizing your product’s value by effective project backlog management, representing all stakeholders’ needs and leading to a happy launch.

Product innovations

We’re up to date with all the tech novelties in the market, choosing the right innovations to make your product highly competitive and trends-compliant.

Project delivery value chain

We perform a value creation process defining primary factors that have a direct influence on the product’s added value, as well as secondary support activities.

Enhanced skillset

Our team consists of the best business specialists and engineers in the market ready to share their knowledge and expertise to make the best of your software product.

Partners ecosystem

We build partnerships with the best IT companies in the world to complement our services with solid and proven competencies which works for your product’s advantage.

Your goal

Evaluate Evaluate
Innovate Innovate
Expand Expand
Go digital Go digital
Add skill Add skill

Get the most of your vision with our strategic software consulting and digital product workshops.


Build your digital product or process from scratch with end-to-end support from proven team.


Adjust, upgrade or optimise your product armed, with our business, technical & creative expertise.

Go digital

Leverage your business model with e-commerce solutions or new channel to the market.

Add skill

Expand your team with skilful professionals to meet your business goals and project’s demands.


What do you want to achieve?

  • icon image Scale up with a new digital channel to the market
  • icon image Build a better digital customer experience
  • icon image Create end-to-end digital customer journey
  • icon image Increase customer’s engagement
  • icon image Digitize the physical world (IoT)
  • icon image Capture the opportunity with automation
  • icon image Modernize your core software technology
  • icon image Transform by applying digital operations

Transform by applying digital operations

  • 1

    Set goals

    Create goals for the future.
  • 2


    Define or update your purpose.
  • 3


    Set, manage and speed up digital initiatives.
  • 4

    Be agile

    Disrupt and create like an agile start-up.
  • 5


    Design, build, test and iterate.
  • 6

    Keep abreast

    Maintain, update, adjust and scale up.

Our capabilities

A team o 200+ consultants, designers and engineers

+11 years of experience on worldwide markets and completing projects on 4 continents prove that we meet the strictest international standards.

What builds up to our success, apart from high competences of the whole team, is applying the best project practices and using the most advanced, modern tools. The combination of these elements is a recipe for a professional digital product for the XXI century.


Certified competences and proven track record

What our clients say

A consistently reliable partner, iteo is a strong company which delivers skilful products. We haven’t experienced a single problem from their side with the timeline or scope.
iteo team demonstrated a lot of care to make sure things were done right. They seemed to have a vester interest in making this product great, even though they don’thave any equity in the company.
I’m glad I have a partner in iteo that is able to complete the project seamlessly from concept, through development, to product launch.
iteo is flexible and accommodating. I have nothing but good things to say about the engagement.
iteo team was very engaged and dedicated to helping us meet our goals. Even when working on strict timelines, they always delivered without sacrificing the quality of the deliverables.
We have selected iteo mostly because they are really good with native apps development and UX. iteo’s team structure encourages collaboration and fast problem-solving.
iteo offered creativity and strong project management. They delivered each phase of the project on time and within budget.

Most frequent questions

  • What areas of digital should I focus on to get a quicker ROI/ROCE? arrow

    It depends. A key for successful implementation of digital strategies and investments lies in prioritizing, setting KPI’s and impact metrics to six strategic focus areas: customers, employees, operations, security, infrastructure and innovation. A proper balance, measurements and agile shifts allow reaching desired digital transformation goals.

  • What are the potential benefits or risks of digitization for my business? arrow
    Going digital allows companies to offer a personalized customer journey, increase revenue, gain competitive advantage and improve both customers and employees satisfaction.

    As far as it goes for risks… Well, it’s more complicated. Both going and not going digital is risky. Competitors who made the move to more innovative systems are ahead. On the other hand, digitalization performed badly might be very costly, difficult to scale, maintain or integrate and not meeting your high-level business goals.

  • Should I focus on digitizing my current business model? arrow

    Transformation of business models to digital are determined by the end customer, internal business capabilities and company’s culture.

    In order to effectively align digital strategy in the future, companies need to decide whether it’s better to digitize their core business model or build new digital ventures. Decisions should be also based on the extent and pace of change in the micro and macro environment of the organization.

  • What skills and digital capabilities are required? arrow
    These are six key areas of digital capabilities and skills: information, media & data literacy, digital creation, problem solving & innovation, collaboration, communication & participation, digital learning & development, and digital identity & wellbeing.

    They allow modern organizations to grow and thrive in a digital environment and society. Their priorities change depending on a particular business.

  • Is it better to test assumptions via MVPs or go big right away? arrow

    It’s always better to start clean and build after you evaluate, experiment, learn and gather data. It saves time, energy and money in the process.

    However, companies are moving away from the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) towards RAT (Riskiest Assumption Test) which can determine whether consumers have an interest in the product before developing anything.

    It allows you to learn and validate your product, before committing to a project that may not be worthwhile. Is your business model viable? Is your product solving your customers’ pain points? Are they willing to pay? So, first address the biggest assumptions regarding their business model, market type, users, strategy, and measures of success – and then create an MVP.