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We have been developing our voice AI services since 2017, gaining a thorough expertise by working with public companies, private enterprises and creating hi-tech solutions for our own use.

Advanced AI-driven voice solutions

We know the value of AI and we’re not afraid to use it

With our custom-made software, we are able to change any modern technology into a useful, functional tool that will automate the processes in various industries.

Customers who benefited from our voice AI development

Vast experience and knowledge

Thanks to available technological facilities, we can adapt the iteo voice solution products to your needs and integrate them with your existing infrastructure: CRMs, communication systems or touch panels.


  • artificial intelligence

  • machine learning

  • augmented reality

  • automation and robotics

  • personalized voice bots

  • system integrations

  • dedicated computer software


Offering our own AI engine

We created our own AI system designed for implementing Natural Language Processing (NLP) functionalities. It can be accessed both through the provided user interface (in the form of a web application) and via a REST API.

Its three main functions are:

  • Intent Recognition: This feature enables the system to understand and interpret the user’s intention behind a given text, enhancing interaction and response accuracy.

  • Text Categorization: Vosito efficiently organizes and classifies text into predefined categories, streamlining content management and analysis.

  • Named Entity Extraction: This function allows for the identification and extraction of specific entities from text, such as names, places, and organizations, crucial for data processing and insights.

Areas that can benefit from using AI voice tech


Arranging, postponing and canceling medical visits, information about procedures, test results, or safety measures – an offer for diagnostic laboratories, private doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, and medical institutions.


Information about the offer, available cars and services, arranging inspections and repairs, as well as initial car diagnostics – an offer dedicated for car dealers, car repair shops, diagnostic stations and car dealerships.

Energy production

Providing meter readings, reporting breakdowns, arranging and informing about visits, checking the status of cases, or presenting an offer – for distribution system operators, media vendors and customer service offices.


Information on services, credit cards and cash loans, financial advice, preparation of the offer and execution of calculations carried out by a virtual advisor – for banks, brokerage houses or investment funds.


Placing orders, making returns and complaints, getting information about the status of orders – all handled seamlessly by a voice bot without the need to wait on the line, ad with a 24/7 availability.

… and more

Services for insurance agencies, beauty industry, ISP, TV, VoIP providers, schools, gastronomy, hospitality, real estate, hosting, logistics, culture and entertainment, tourism, sports, and more.


Pros of using voice AI in your business

  • 1

    24/7 availability

    A voice bot can receive and make calls, automating call center processes at any scheduled time, even 24 hours a day.
  • 2


    You can increase the number of working bots and supported processes, without tedious and lengthy recruitment and training processes.
  • 3

    High quality

    Our bots don’t make mistakes, guaranteeing that the process is realized in accordance with required scenarios.
  • 4

    Easy launch

    Industry- and process-specific voice bots reduce the implementation time to a minimum and generate benefits faster than any other available solutions.
  • 5

    Cost optimization

    Lowering the costs of handling a single contact in the telephone channel in comparison to a service provided by a hired call center consultant.
  • 6


    Voice bots are a convenient source of information, providing consistent customer experience in every contact working according to required standards.

Adjustable ready-to-implement solutions



The dispatch center integrating all communication channels in your company.


The intuitive panel for the dispatcher allows to manage communication with many stakeholders in one place. It becomes an ergonomic coordinator’s workplace that combines telephone calls, SMS messages, radio communication and an event log.




An intelligent voicebot that automates the processes of contacting customers via phone channel.


It can be used in sales, marketing, vindication, scheduling appointments, and status verification, optimizing the costs of maintaining a call center as well as increasing the efficiency and quality of customer service.


Customer’s review

Working with iteo saved us a lot of time in development. They were the right vendor for the job, we didn’t need to consider any other options.

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