Android App Development

Seamless experience on multiple devices

We are highly competent and professional team of
Android applications developers.
At Iteo, we merge full proficiency in Java coding with attention to detail, top performance
and maintainability to assure performance across the most popular of over
20,000 Android devices and multiple operating system versions.

We address demanding Android framework using its full capability to create applications, that are downloaded over 1 million times during first month from Google Play. We test our applications on real devices, that are used in targeted markets, to minimize impact on application quality and cost due to strong platform device fragmentation.

We are highly committed to the quality and effectiveness of the apps we build, adjusting to the changing mobile landscape and leveraging as much reusable work as possible. Layer of automated tests, units and functional tests are being incorporated to every project we build. Our Android applications are efficient, scalable and always optimized for all densities.

Efficiency of our Android development arises from balanced approach of Agile, Lean and Customer Centric methodologies combined with using open source libraries. This approach elaborated during 6 years of our market presence and allows us to deliver customer expected outcomes in iterative and less time. We speed up the development process not compromising the quality.

Our team is co-located. It is often said that when it comes to technology-centred projects, distributed teams may work, but collocated teams work faster, quicker and better. Our Android team develops applications in the same location, which is one floor, regrouping for particular projects to project-dedicated rooms to work hand in hand with Project Managers, UX/UI Designers and Testers.

You can truly rely on our extended experience and capabilities. All of our Android developers have Technical Universities Master’s Degree in New Technologies/Programming and extensive experience in developing Android software with various scopes and complexities. If something is doable from technical perspective, it is doable for us, as well.

Whole team's knowledge at your service. When Iteo’s Android developer is building your application, whole Android team's talents, experience and capabilities work on success of your product. All of that because our Android team has daily Tech stand-ups, knowledge sharing internal channels, dedicated Android learning resources and TechLeader mentoring sessions.

Working closely with UX team gives an opportunity to guide UX designers and fight for the best quality designs. Our UX is created in context of particular Android development requirements. Working closely with UX team, our Project Lead Android developer makes sure that the design is scalable and cost-effective in production.

Tight integration with QA team. Our iOS team has a strong affinity towards testing and works hand in hand with QA daily. Android team and team of manual testers are both equipped with over 20 various Android devices with most popular Android OS versions. It ensures that the team focuses on building great features rather than looking for bugs.

Strong focus on security and scanning projects on daily basis, which enables developers to avoid any risk, save development time and deliver best quality product.

Maintaining a set of open source frameworks and libraries allows us to select the right tool for the job and choose the best and most efficient way to develop the app. Using internal and open source frameworks and helper libraries for efficient functional programming, layout, database, and other common tasks allows us to focus on adding real value to our projects avoiding the boilerplate parts.


We offer full-cycle development in fully transparent process for your optimum results. Jump in on every step of the way or start just with an idea.




We deliver higher-quality software in less time. We build epic products in iterative and data driven way accordingly to Agile methodology.