Traditionally, a software development life cycle consists of several separately executed steps: identifying the project’s needs, implementation, verification, deployment, and maintenance. DevOps’ job is to simplify the process, joining forces of development, QA and operational teams and thus allowing quicker, more efficient, and most of all, maximally automated work.

DevOps implementation

Implementing different cloud services into web and mobile apps is one thing. Using the cloud to build them is another.

In traditional software development life cycle (SDLC) you would first have Requirements, then the Design, then the implementation phase, and finally – verification and maintenance. Each cycle could span a few months.

In the new DevOps approach that utilizes cloud services, we are able to continuously quickly deliver software solutions that meet our business requirements in a continuous cycle.

It is very important to automate the build, test and deployment process. This together with better collaboration between the development, test and the operation team, means that changes can be implemented smoothly and rapidly without friction that we can normally see between them.

Together with cloud technologies it is possible to quickly deploy changes with lower risk and improved quality. It is also possible to automate and quickly duplicate new environments like staging, QA, test and validation.

Businesses that benefited from our DevOps services

What can you expect?


Microsoft Azure DevOps

Cloud is a truly natural environment to implement robust software solutions while maintaining a project’s coherence and flawless execution. We use a set of modern dev services provided by Microsoft for the purpose of better collaboration, smarter planning, and faster shipments. As every change can be implemented within a few hours, we can easily check its correctness and make necessary adjustments in hand.



Security becomes a shared responsibility throughout the entire software development process. Code and configuration are verified automatically during Static Application Security Testing (SAST) which is a critical part of the DevSecOps practice.



Using a code repository as a point of contact, GitOps is a DevOps extension that initiates the process of automation, providing a developer-centric experience. The repository contains declarative descriptions of a required infrastructure matched with an automated process that’ll make the production feasible.

Additional advantages

High-speed operations

Fast, agile, and flexible implementation of updates and alterations.

Close business + IT cooperation

Entirely business-oriented solutions consistent with your company’s goals.

Competitive advantage

Outrunning your competition with a few quick changes deployed overnight.

Rapid idea verification

Testing different versions of software to check what works and what needs a fix.


We always use the most reccommended modern tools following hi-tech trends and taking care of your product’s quality. Choosing the most appreciated partners allows us to make your application both up-to-date and efficient, providing your audience with the best possible results.

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